Cabinet hardware marketing four kinds of network promotion methods

From the marketing changes of ceramics, coatings, doors, flooring and other industries, many companies have introduced online marketing, especially online advertising, search engine marketing, news dissemination, network marketing and other means.

But for the brand promotion and key product promotion of enterprises, how to clearly understand the promotion ideas, grasp the entire promotion process, and be able to consider the promotion effect at any time, especially in response to the effect of sales, it is estimated that not only the marketing plan organization has been solving Problems, but also the quantified results that companies are most willing to see.

When winning consultants engage in the marketing of ceramic marketing, paint marketing, flooring marketing and other subdivided cabinets, if they are in the second phase of the “three phases” established by Winner Advisors, they will generally promote the branding of cabinet companies. Product promotion is divided into two major modules, and then promotion strategies and ideas are designed around each module. This is divided into two parts: independent network promotion and collaborative ground market promotion.

The first module of the cabinet: brand positioning and promotion, which is to establish the industry positioning and focus segmentation of corporate brand, with the promotion of public interest activities, corporate brand stories, millions of blogs, and brand consumer groups.

The second module: product positioning and promotion, with product knowledge marketing, event marketing, event marketing, promotional network support, and consumer product group theme comics as the main means.

The promotion channels of the two modules generally involve six kinds of online media, online forums, social networking sites, IM tools, online blogs, and e-mails. The promotion contents mainly include news, comments, posts, blog logs, IM short messages, and e-mails. Newspapers, animation/pictures, special topics on the Internet, and online video are the nine main forms. In terms of wireless channels such as flying letters and mobile phones, no special operations have yet been carried out.

In the brand promotion of the first module, it is necessary to identify the market orientation of the brand for the corporate brand, and to design specific ideas around this orientation, such as the entire ceramic field, or subdivided into tiles, polished tiles, and healthy stones. In the field of natural stone, etc., the coating industry may be the entire paint market, or it may be subdivided into environmentally friendly paints, health paints, children's paints, etc., mainly based on the technical strength and product strength of a company in a subdivided industry and market. And the current scale and development plan for judgment.

Brand story, that is, to create 1-3 story for the company, the design and content of the brand story is also a special plan, the launch of the time, the choice of the distribution channels, etc., but also have targeted arrangements. In general, brand story has such several routes, winning consultants use more. The first type is based on the growth of a company. It highlights the struggle, hard work, courage, and wisdom of a company from a growth story, spreads the spirit of the brand, and impresses people. The second brand story takes the background of “love, marriage, and family”. The brand information and product information of ceramics, paints, floors, doors or other household cabinets are impressed; the third type may be the decoration theme, involving selection, decoration, supervision, etc., and brand information and product information are embedded. Attractive. There are other ways, not mentioned here. Perhaps some of these methods are known to some planners, but the quality of the content, the combination of publishing media, and the cleverness of the timing may not necessarily achieve the best results. In particular, the impact of millions of audiences is not something that ordinary institutions can do.

"Millions of blogs" is selected by the company as a spokesperson, or general manager, or a representative figure, to shape a million-level visits, and to create a personal, professional, in-depth, high-end image through personal blogs. Image transmission and promotion of corporate image. At the same time, through blog channels to disseminate products and promotional information, affect people's interest in buying and word of mouth, and create cabinet industry records, leading the industry. At present, Winners Advisors help build corporate blogs and endorsement blogs according to the specific needs of the company. There are also different quantitative requirements in shaping the audience. 300,000, 500,000, 1 million, or even 2 million, all have different companies. accept. It can be seen that the influence of the blog has not only been personally recognized, but also at the corporate level, its marketing value is also a certain degree of recognition. The “Communication of Consumer Cartoon Themes” is to create a kind of image for the current mainstream consumer groups of enterprises, to give a meaning, to refine a label, to form a kind of ownership for similar consumers, and to present it in a vivid cartoon form.

The public welfare activities need to be arranged around the overall plan of the company. No matter what kind of public welfare activities, it will provide creative, appealing and inspiring people's online communication strategies to expand the consumption influence and social influence of public welfare activities.

On the whole, after implementing the above strategies, the audience that can be directly affected by companies within six months will reach more than 4 million, or even more than 10 million, because it is based on pan-propagation based on accurate communication, and is based on the brand of sales activities. The increase in popularity and reputation has a significant impact on the company's channel construction, promotion and sales activities, and the resulting revenue can be considered at a 5x chance of amplification.