Full welded ball valve structure and characteristics

Structure 1. All-welded ball valve with carbon steel seamless pipe pressure forming integral welding ball valve. 2. Stem using AISI303 stainless steel, stainless steel body with AISI304, refined by grinding production, with excellent sealing performance and corrosion resistance. 3. Sealed carbon reinforced PTFE bevel elastic seal negative pressure on the spherical surface, so that the seal reaches zero leakage, long life and other advantages. 4. The ball valve connection: a welding, thread, flange, etc. for the user to choose. Transmission: The handle, turbine, pneumatic, electric and other transmission structure, flexible switch light. 5. The valve structure is compact, light weight, easy to heat, easy to install. 6. One-piece welded ball valve to learn advanced foreign technology, combined with the actual situation of the domestic research to domestic instead of imports, to fill the gaps. Widely used in natural gas, petroleum, heating, chemical and thermal pipelines and other long-distance pipeline. Features 1. Body is welded steel tube. 2. Ball pad with reinforced PTFE. 3. Stem explosion-proof design. 4. Temperature range: -60-200 ℃ 5. Drive: manual or turbine drive.