Haikou home improvement market "up" sound

“Now the decoration of the house is really expensive. It has obviously increased a lot more than last year and even more than the beginning of the year. The decoration of a 90-square-meter house is nearly 20,000 yuan more than last year.” Yesterday, Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Haikou, reported to the Hainan Special Administrative Region. The reporter visited the Haikou home improvement market and learned that the prices of renovation building materials, labor costs, hardware, and sheet metal have generally risen in Haikou. The industry believes that the ultimate reason for the rise in home improvement fees is the sharp rise in housing prices in Haikou. It is said that with the advent of the renovation season in the second half of the year, the cost of home renovation may also increase by a certain margin.

Visits: Home decoration industry prices generally appear Reporter visited the Haikou home improvement market learned that the current renovation of building materials in Haikou has seen a certain increase, while the labor costs have also increased significantly, the two main factors “pinch” the home improvement industry, leading to home improvement costs increase. For example, the main materials such as floor tiles and wall tiles that the public are most concerned about, the price has risen by about 10%. Metal materials such as plastic pipes, wires, faucets, and sockets also rose slightly, woods such as wood panels and panels, as well as paints, coatings, etc., also increased due to transportation and other reasons.

There are also labor costs in the cost of home improvement. It is understood that Haikou City, home improvement labor costs have risen a lot, the industry said the increase reached 30%. “Last year we could still find 15 yuan/sq.m. plumbers, 16 yuan/sq.m. masonry and 160 yuan/sq.m. carpentry, but now plumbers generally rise to 20 yuan/sq., and mason's prices have risen to 22 yuan/sq. Woodworking labor costs rose to 200 yuan -300 yuan / square. "A decoration company responsible person told reporters. "We have already begun to plan to adjust the decoration quotation for the second half of the year." In addition, some decoration companies said that the cost of their designers is also increasing. According to reports, if the labor fee is calculated on a daily basis, the wages have risen from the previous 100 yuan/day to the current 150 yuan/day or even higher.

Mr. Zhang, the citizen who is currently in the process of setting up a home, calculated a “decoration account” for the reporter. In the 90-square-meter house, the cost of home improvement is now about 20,000 yuan more than in the past. Mr. Zhang said that the 90-square-meter house was simply renovated and could be controlled at around 60,000 yuan.

Reason: When housing prices rose to drive up renovation expenses, the reporter visited the reasons for the current increase in home decoration costs in Haikou. According to some industry sources, the main reason for the increase in renovation fees is the rise in housing prices. In addition, there is an important reason that the price of related building materials has risen.

Mr. Luo, the person in charge of a decoration company in Haikou, told reporters that he believes that the ultimate reason for the current price hikes in Haikou is rising house prices. “Right now housing prices have risen sharply, and renovation costs have naturally gone up, and prices have also risen,” Mr. Luo said. “There is no reason why housing prices soar, and renovation costs do not rise.” A Mr. Wu, who is a plumber, told reporters that the labor costs were also affected by the rising prices. Mr. Wu said that most of the artificial clothes used in home improvement are foreigners. They rent and live in Haikou. As housing prices rise, the cost of renting increases, and naturally it requires wages to rise. "Now if you still pay wages at last year's price, no one is willing to go to work. Labor costs are a chain effect in the industry, and everyone has raised prices."

Forecast: The cost of entering the renovation season will increase According to some industry sources, with the arrival of the decoration season in the second half of the year, there will be a certain increase in the renovation of labor costs, which may drive the overall rise in home improvement costs. Mr. Lin, who has been engaged in the decoration industry for many years, said that in the first half of the season, most of the renovations were done by the masters, but by the second half of the year, the owners were queuing up to find the masters. "Every season in the second half of the year, prices will rise. This is the law of the industry." Mr. Lin said.

How can we save money and be assured of the quality of the family's home decoration? Haikou home improvement industry insiders reminded the public that the decision to go home before the decision to run more than the market to understand the building materials and other related products, market prices and rising trends, so that the idea of ​​buying materials knows. In addition, some building materials that are convenient for transportation can also be purchased online by the public and the prices are relatively cheap. For the artificial aspect, it is recommended to try to find a skilled master or a decoration company with a good reputation to do the work.