How can hardware and electronic tool industry do a good job in network marketing

Nowadays, online sales have become the trend of the times, especially in the fields of electronics and clothing. The share of online marketing has become more and more important, but in the traditional hardware and electronic tool industry, due to the quality of employees, corporate costs and The limitation of after-sales factors has been difficult in the field of online marketing, and its market share is far lower than other industries. So, how can the hardware and electronic tool industry practitioners do a good job in online marketing? The author started to contact the hardware and electromechanical tools industry in 2005, and engaged in network marketing in Zhejiang Yongkang and Shanghai for many years, so many of my friends asked me how to do a good job in network marketing. In fact, I think that network marketing is as simple as two points:

First: How to make you find you from a big crowd

Network marketing, to put it plainly, is to let your precise customers find you quickly and easily, and establish contact with you. Many people think that this is the way to fill in the company's contact information online: telephone, fax, mobile phone, email, etc. It is not.

For a simple example, many companies hope that customers can find themselves on the Internet, all spend heavily on making their own corporate website or publish information on various BBS, blogs, and B2B/B2C websites. The result is not very effective. Because everyone used the wrong method, the result was less effective.

The fact that companies release business information is not as good as it is because the company is pursuing value. If it pays too much and returns little, the investment is a failure. Therefore, before releasing information, it is very accurate Necessary, in the case of the hardware and electromechanical tools industry, it is best to publish corporate information on the corresponding e-commerce websites.

Others, such as the hardware and electronic tools industry association portals or hardware mall portals of various manufacturers, and industrial websites such as: valve nets, building materials nets, valve nets, mechanical mould nets, auto parts nets, abrasive nets and so on. In terms of speed and convenience, first of all, businesses should take their own products into beautiful pictures that are consistent with product descriptions. It is best to attach information such as business licenses, organization code certificates, etc. Product name, model number, etc. Second, after the release of product information, we must continue to take the re-release. Because after you release the product, your peers are constantly releasing products, then your information will always be pushed back, and excellent network marketing staff will generally insist on publishing 20 to 30 different companies on each B2B site. Information, and persevere to these websites every day, retransmit 20 to 30 pieces of information in each station once (except weekends).

In addition, you can also set up signatures, add links, publish some pictures, exchange more information, and improve shops from time to time.

Second: Why are customers confused about you?

In this age of information explosion, some people still stay in the thinking mode of information obstruction. Why do you say that? With the popularity of the Internet in everyday life, everyone is generating a lot of information every day. At the same time, many useless information is also flooding the Internet and people are at a loss. Therefore, searching on the Internet does not make you want to. After the necessary information (or deception), they lose trust in the Internet and eventually abandon it.

In this way, we may wish to analyze from the customer's point of view, the customer sees your product, why not buy enough, why does the customer feel that the product is expensive and what is he hesitating in the inner world? This is a crucial issue for online retailing. . According to my analysis, customers are hesitant to purchase goods. First of all, because of lack of trust or lack of security, they are accustomed to collecting more information to prevent being deceived. This is a concern on large portal websites. Will gradually reduce.

Second, we have to make such a premise, if the customer really wants to buy, but he does not buy but they say that the price is expensive, then what is he worried about? The customer is to shop around and want to find the lowest price? How to dispel his concerns and let him pay for it? This is a common problem of all network operators, this I think, to buy products is actually a person, there will be a "inertia" problem, when a customer is recognized, Buying used to our products, we do honesty, sincerity, and appropriate price points, then customers certainly will not be easily lost, of course, to practice the specific operation, there must be many other factors, we need to slowly grasp .

Finally, it takes a certain amount of time for consumers to look for something. Internet marketing cannot be accomplished overnight. Especially in the hardware and electronic tool industry, the foundation of online marketing is still relatively weak. Before customers can be sure, they will definitely compare; Finding, either through a friend or through a website recommendation. Everyone has done a good job in these areas.