The difference between aluminum alloy doors and windows and traditional plastic steel windows

The aluminum alloy material has corrosion resistance, and its aluminum alloy door made of aluminum alloy has excellent characteristics such as electrical conductivity, heat to mass rate, non-ferromagnetic property, workability, formability, and recovery. It is a frame and fan structure door made of aluminum alloy aluminum profiles; the aluminum alloy window is also the same, usually the door and window series is named as its model + functional form.

The name of the door and window series is generally named after the width of the aluminum frame, usually with push-pull doors and windows, swing doors and windows, folding doors and windows. Compared with wooden decorative doors and windows and ordinary fasting doors and windows or solid steel doors and windows that are gradually being eliminated, aluminum alloy doors and windows have more outstanding performance, wind pressure performance, air permeability, air sound insulation performance, Rainwater penetration performance, thermal insulation performance, etc. have all met the national standards; and due to the characteristics of aluminum alloy materials.

The processing and manufacturing of the products can achieve very high precision, which provides important conditions for the energy-saving design of the building structure and the standard requirements for safety of use.

Aluminum alloy windows and traditional plastic-steel windows are suitable for different building consumer groups. According to statistics, plastic-steel windows are usually suitable for pre-mixed low-rise houses. Consumers of such grades often have high quality requirements. The high-performance aluminum alloy window is suitable for buildings of all heights and grades.

And its quality and performance can withstand the high standard test; it is similar to the energy-saving effect of traditional plastic steel window, but due to the difference in material, the plastic steel window is prone to deformation after a period of use.

Its sealing performance is not as good as that of high-performance aluminum alloy windows; and because of the material strength and the difference in its wear resistance, the service life of high-performance aluminum alloy windows is usually greater than the service life of plastic steel windows.

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