Know: "impact drill"

Impact drills work by rotation and impact. The single impact is very slight, but more than 40,000 impacts per minute can produce continuous forces. Can be used for natural stone or concrete. When the impact drill is working, there are adjustment knobs at the drill chuck, adjustable common hand drill and impact drill. But the impact drill uses the gears on the inner shaft to beat each other to achieve the impact effect, but the impact force is far less than that of the electric hammer. It is not suitable for drilling reinforced concrete.

Use description

It is mainly used for impact drilling of concrete floors, walls, bricks, stones, wood boards and multi-layer materials; it can also be drilled and tapped on wood, metal, ceramics and plastics and equipped with electronic speed adjustment equipment. As a forward/reverse function.

The impact drill motor voltage has two different voltages: 0V-230V and 0V-115V. It controls the clutch of the micro switch, and obtains different speeds of the motor at different speeds. It is equipped with forward and reverse steering control mechanisms, elastic screws and tapping.

The main parameters

(1) Impact drill model specifications:

(2) Input power: 550W.

(3) No-load rate: 0-3000 beats/minute.

(4) Impact rate: 0-48000 times/minute.

(5) Shock: The maximum allowable diameter of the drill:

In concrete: φ16MM.

On the steel plate: φ10MM.

On wood: φ25MM

(6) Body weight: about 1.9KG.

The main structure

(1) Power switch.

(2) reverse limit switch ..

(3) drill chuck

(4) Power supply voltage regulation and clutch control twist.

(5) Change the voltage to achieve a two-speed transmission mechanism.

(6) Auxiliary handles, positioning rings, housing screws, etc.

(7) Forward and reverse steering control mechanism.

(8) The gear set in the machine.

(9) The housing insulation holding handshaking.