Breaking news: The three most expensive items in home improvement

There are some small details in the home improvement that cannot be ignored. Often they are the most expensive part, such as curtains, hardware, and water circuits, so pay special attention. Let's take a look at the three most expensive parts of the renovation.

1. Curtain curtain usage = window height × length × 2 (for beautiful, curtains are generally discounted, so you need to multiply by 2)

Total curtain price = curtain track (or curtain rod) + curtain price + cloth price + lead line price + tassel price + special material price (such as decorative buttons, etc.)

Curtain prices: domestic 35.55 yuan / meter, imported 70-150 yuan / meter accessories price: cloth with 10 yuan / meter; lead line 10 yuan / meter; tassels 10 yuan / meter curtain rails (curtain rods): 15-20 Yuan/meter is calculated according to the formula above, and a 35-meter-one-meter cheap curtain is chosen. Taking a one-meter window as an example, the total price will reach 65 yuan and one meter, which is really not cheap. The main reason is because, except for the curtain itself, the price of the accessories is too high, which accounts for about half of the total cost of the curtains. Therefore, while valuing the price of curtains, don’t forget to price the curtain accessories or prepare for the business. Make fraud, deliberately lower curtain prices, raise the price of accessories. (HC Network)

2. Hardware hardware is a big expense in decoration. The total expenditure should be around 2,000 yuan.

1, choose the lock: the door lock looks like a lot, pick it up for a while. Simply put, the locks in supermarkets are basically around 100 yuan, which is not cheap. Building materials city's door lock is relatively cheaper, seventy to eighty yuan can buy a very beautiful and practical.

2. Selection hinge: General doors are equipped with two hinges. If you want to be more durable, you can consider one door with three. Generally 18-24 yuan / each.

3, election door sucker: This small thing looks inconspicuous, but is very practical for the home, can prevent the door from touching the wall. Generally about 10 yuan (mainly for the protection of the wall)

4, the election floor drain: Floor drain is a common type, washing machine-specific, deepening deodorant type, the price is generally around 20 to 30 yuan.

5, choose the leader: Now many people like to use the above counter basin, the effect is very good, but when buying a leader, you must take into account the height of the pot, lest the height of the faucet is not enough.

6, other: buy hardware the easiest way is to buy the same price, which feel more heavy. And if you press the tap more than a few times, it is not easy to leave fingerprints. That is, the coating is better.

3. Water Circuit Water circuit renovation is the most crucial in the renovation, but for the average company, this is also the most important profit point. Therefore, when designing, it is necessary to strictly control the budget. The general decoration company will use the actual data of the site for the transformation of the water circuit. It is difficult to estimate the reason before the construction, and it will not provide you with a budget for water circuit reform. As a result, when the landlords checkout, they often find themselves paying more than three or four thousand yuan on this.

Countermeasures: Before the signing of the renovation contract, it is required to design the water circuit transformation drawings and calculate the quantity of the following items that may occur according to the drawings: including telephone lines, power sockets, switch panels, waterways, cable television lines, and network cables, and calculate them accordingly. Reasonable costs, so that you can avoid excessive increase in costs.

New house decoration: The waterway reconstruction is about normal value of 1,500 to 2,000 yuan, because when the new house is designed, the general line has been arranged more reasonably, without major changes, the general owners need to change, that is, a simple waterway, network cable, telephone line.

Old house renovation: The old house generally only guarantees the most basic circuit, waterway design, not to mention the use of convenience, so the general old house decoration than the new house spend more money, this specific number depends on the actual situation.

Look for the construction team to change the water circuit: The professional company to transform the water circuit, should be the cheapest, 2 bedroom new house, 1000 yuan can almost have changed.