Homework company's five kinds of traps

There are many pitfalls in the decoration market. At present, the “traps” that individual decoration companies have dug to consumers are becoming more and more hidden, and there are more and more cats in the home improvement market. A few days ago, the Consumers Association disclosed the various pitfalls in the decoration market.

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Pitfall 1: Skillfully set up a contract trap. Confusing materials for general quotes, confusion, and costing are common tactics used by individual home improvement companies. At the time of signing, a quotation for a certain material will be calculated in a general way, and the individual materials will be replaced during construction to earn the difference. In addition, some provisions that are not specific or that can be interpreted in a variety of ways can be used to smash shells.

Trap 2: Low quotes to solicit business and add items after starting. Individual decoration companies use the “low-elevation, high-move” approach when customers request quotations, first cut the project and give lower quotations than other companies to attract consumers to sign orders. During the construction process, the deleted items are added as additional items and the money is raised back. After completion, consumers find that the cost of settlement is much higher than the budget.

Trap 3: The designer deliberately added more items and took more commissions. Some designers, after taking orders, in order to take more of the company's commission, regardless of the actual situation in the consumer's home, deliberately increase the renovation project: If you do not need to cut off a place to add a partition, there is no need for ceiling ceilings and so on. After some "design", the decoration offer is substantially higher than the original budget.

Trap 4: Material purchase shoddy. In the renovation of contracted materials, individual construction teams do things in the procurement of materials, some use inferior products as brand-name products, and low-priced defective goods act as genuine products.

Pitfall 5: Lies to report measurement area. Some decoration companies have misrepresented and overreported on the construction area. For example, when calculating the wall paint, there is no deduction of the area of ​​the doors and windows, or the length and width of the wall are increased to increase the decoration budget.

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