Winter fireplace is the new favorite "five most"

As soon as the cold winter arrives, the general public are searching for the most appropriate heating method. In the past, many people often felt that they could heat up when they chose heating equipment. Nowadays, whether the heating equipment is comfortable and human nature has become a matter of greater concern to the public. Under this trend, the wall-hung boiler has become the most popular product for the general public because of its unique "five-most 'most' advantages.

The heating area of ​​the most energy-saving wall-hung boilers is far greater than other heating methods. It is hot and heat-efficient, and consumes less gas. According to the measurement data from the international heating giant Weinen, which is based in Germany, the work efficiency of boilers can reach more than 90%, and the new type of condensing boilers has a higher efficiency of 109%. Compared to electricity or other heating methods, gas heating can save 30% to 40% of the energy efficiency, and energy efficiency is unmatched. Weineng experts also suggested that the room is equipped with a thermostat that can control the start of the boiler at any time according to the room temperature, effectively saving energy.

The difference between the most human and central heating is that the temperature of the wall-hung boiler can be controlled autonomously, convenient to use, safe and reliable, insulated, flame-retardant, and waterproof, and it will not cause leakage, air leakage, and hot scalding in the traditional heating. Such international brands like Vaillant also provide direct after-sales service to manufacturers. Its service network throughout the country can provide users with 24-hours-a-day comprehensive product consultation and service, eliminating the need for maintenance and repair.

The most comfortable boiler gas heating system uses the bottom-up heat cycle method, which brings the user a warm feeling from the feet to the head. Unlike the plumbing, it also provides some wall-hung boilers with physiotherapy functions. Infrared heat conduction does not feel dizzy or dry even if you stay in the room for a long time. In the use of wall-hung boilers without noise, no air, no harmful gas emissions, no noise, dust pollution, there is no air blocking dry and other issues, to create a clean and sanitary living environment for users.

The most fashionable and modern urban people have higher and higher requirements for the home environment. Traditional heating equipment such as air conditioners have a large appearance and occupy a certain amount of household space, making the overall home environment inconsistent. The small, stylish appearance of the boiler just meets the modern aesthetic needs of the home. The wall hanging form does not occupy the home environment, and its elegant and elegant appearance also makes the whole environment more beautiful and generous.

The most cost-effective boiler heating costs can be independently controlled, the temperature can be adjusted, heating time can be arranged, not at home can be switched off, Germany Wei Neng company has made a comparison, the same community in the same environment, some households using the concentration Heating, some households use separate household heating, the latter save more than 10% of the energy cost than the former, and it is understood that the service life of high-quality boilers is as long as 15 to 20 years.

Temperatures in the north and south are still decreasing. Experts remind that the general public should inspect many aspects when choosing a wall-hung boiler, starting from the “five cases of 'most'” and carefully purchasing their own boiler products.

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