The function of decoration room decoration room

The quantity room is the first step in house decoration. Although this link is small, it is very necessary and important. Measuring rooms is not just as simple as measuring data. Traditional rooms take only 10 minutes, but it takes at least 60 minutes to reach a professional standard room. Designers go to the site to measure the actual situation of the interior and exterior of the house and the environment, which is a solid foundation for high-quality home improvement. The following Xiao Bian introduced the function of decorating the room and decorating the room.

Decoration room skills

1, the selected amount of staff

If the decoration of the room is entrusted to the decorating company, the general decorating company will send a professional designer to measure the room in order to properly design the decoration style of the house. In this case, the owner only has to go and have a look. If there is any question, he can always consult. If homeowners make their own homes, they need to know in advance the locations to be measured, how the data should be recorded, and precautions. If there are knowledgeable friends around you, let them go and you can provide a lot of favorable suggestions.

2, with the amount of room tools

If a professional designer measures the room, he or she will come with a set of tools. Here, the key tools for preparing the homeowner's own room need to be explained. The one used most is a tape measure. If one person goes to measure, it is better to choose a soft one. Aluminum tape measure), a digital camera, a paintable drawing board, blank paper, pencils and carbon pens, and a portable laser measuring instrument. In addition, we must also bring home layout plans, hydropower plans, pipeline plans, etc. Do not underestimate these tools. The specific measurement depends on them.

3, orderly measurement

During the survey, the room layout can be patrolled in advance and the floor plan can be roughly sketched on the paper. For specific measurements, take the entry door as the origin, and from the left to the right, start from the left, measure one room and one room, and record the size of each room at any time. After one round of winding, the last measurement is performed. The point is on the right side of the entrance door. If the home is a small leap floor or a multi-storey house, then in the above order, a floor-by-floor measurement will ensure that the house is not missed. If the measurement data is inaccurate, after the measurement is over, the measurement can be repeated again and the data can be compared. This can avoid data errors and save a lot of unnecessary troubles for the later decoration.

4, grasp the details

In the process of measuring rooms, there are some details that need special attention. For example, when measuring the size of doors and windows, not only to accurately measure the length, width and height, but also to measure the distance between doors and windows and their corners, doors and windows to the ceiling The spacing, etc., can more accurately install glass, curtains, etc.

The role of decoration room

1, understand the house detailed size data

Through accurate understanding of the length, width, height of each room in the house, and the location of doors, windows, air conditioners, and heating, the quantity room will have a direct impact on the quotations of the decoration.

2. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the housing structure

Through on-site measurement, the designer will carefully observe the location and orientation of the house. As well as the surrounding environmental conditions, whether the noise is too large, how the air quality, lighting, etc., will directly affect the design of the latter period. If there are some situations where the house pattern or the external environment is not good, you need to make up for it.

3, to ensure the quality of the late housing renovation

Only accurate measurement rooms can be used to make accurate designs. In the latter stage of construction, it cannot be realized because the dimensions are incorrect, and design changes or project changes are required. Some projects such as the launching of water, heating, and gas, if they are not measured or measured inaccurately, may result in returning or replacement of toilets, basins, etc., which have not been installed due to incorrect dimensions.

4, to facilitate the designer to communicate with the owner on the ground

When a room is weighed, the designer and the owner will usually be on the scene. If the owner has a certain idea about the design of the house, they can communicate with the designer to see if the ideas are feasible and communicate effectively. In addition, if the owner needs to order the main material in advance, it also needs to communicate with the designer on site and make a decision.

Editor's summary: The function of decorating the room and decorating the room is introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

Measuring room

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