What should be placed under the floor to lay the floor?

Laying the floor is very important in the whole decoration process. Often we know how to decorate the floor below. So the next article of Xiaobian is to talk with you about some problems of laying the floor. We know that In the decoration process, a relatively time-consuming renovation work is to lay the floor. We will all encounter such a problem: What is better to lay under the floor ? This is all about a certain degree of attention. The questions and precautions about floor laying are briefly introduced below.


The wooden floor has three methods: solid-laid, suspended, and pasted. The overhead type needs to be used as a mantle wall brick pier. The solid-type directly fixed in the base layer is applied more, and the paste type needs to be leveled. The paving is very simple. If the ground is not flat, just use the gypsum powder to level it and put it on the moisture-proof film. You can directly lay the floor. It is best to sprinkle some anti-insect powder under the moisture-proof film.

There is also an important issue to consider about the problem of laying under the floor. It is worth noting that it is necessary to leave a wide enough gap at the side of the wall, because the composite floor will have different degrees of expansion during the summer, if the gap Too small floor will kick the drums. The size of the gap is based on the fact that the baseboard can be completely covered. It is also worth noting that the living room and bedroom must be split apart because small units can reduce the expansion coefficient of the floor.

If the water in the concrete floor is not cleaned before the installation of the floor, what will be placed under the floor will generate a certain moisture shock wave, which will cause the floor of the geothermal floor to crack, causing the floor after installation to rise, so the concrete floor The moisture is removed. Some people will say that drying is difficult to see with the naked eye, then Xiaobian here introduces a simpler test method, put a few pieces of plastic film on the paved ground, surrounded by tape, after 12 hours, such as plastic There is no moisture condensation on the film, indicating that the ground is dry.


When paving the floor, the first few rows of floor are generally used as the standard for laying. What should be placed under the floor? Therefore, in order to ensure the overall laying, the laying work of the first few rows of floors must be done well, and the assembled model must be prepared in advance. In addition, if you want to use a hand saw to cut the floor, you need the floor pattern facing up. However, if the floor is cut with an electric saw, the tread of the floor faces downward. Either way, the end of the floor must be cut neatly. The length of the cut floor is generally not less than 20 cm and the width is not less than 5 cm, which is convenient for later laying. Everything is known about the problem of laying a floor underneath .

After reading the introduction of Xiaobian in the above, you will know almost the same. Xiaobian’s knowledge of decoration is very good. If you encounter problems and problems that you don’t understand during renovation, you can always Pay attention to Xiaobian, and more decoration knowledge is waiting for you to explore.

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