Wooden door installation should pay attention to six major issues

Wooden door installation should pay attention to six major issues 1. Before installation, the door opening must go through the necessary moisture protection and anti-corrosion treatment.

2. Assemble the door sleeve, first find out the door sleeve and the vertical plate, according to the back number to make a good joint, the mining port should be in the same plane, apply glue on the interface.

3. The installation of the door cover, put the assembled door cover into the door hole as a whole, use a small wooden bar to fix the door cover around, the door cover on both sides to be in the same plane with the wall, and then check whether the whole door cover is vertical to the ground. Whether the two angles of the door jamb top plate and the two upright boards are right angles, whether the door frame uprights are bent or not, twist the iron pieces at both ends so as to wrap the wall.

4. For the installation of the door leaf, first open and close the sheet groove. The distance between the hinge groove and the two ends of the leaf should be 1/10 of the height of the leaf.

5. When the door lock is installed and installed, check whether the door leaf and the door lock switch are flexible, whether the left seam is flexible, and whether the left seam meets the specifications.

6. Installation of the door line, cut the door line with right angle to a 45 degree angle, trim it with a carpenter, insert the right angle into the groove of the door pocket, and use the floor glue to glue the door line to the door jamb.

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