Xinyang County Xinxian Research Group visited Huifeng Company

Summary August 11 morning, the new county party secretary Yang Mingzhong County, Xinyang City, county party and government delegation led by Lu brigade more than 20 people to visit Henan Huifeng Diamond Company Limited. Liu Lianchang, secretary of the county party committee, Zhao Yuzhen, member of the county party committee and county party committee, standing committee member of the county party committee, standing...
On the morning of August 11, Yang Mingzhong, secretary of Xinxian County Party Committee of Xinyang City, and Lu Bing, head of the party, led a delegation of more than 20 people to visit Huifeng Diamond Co., Ltd. of Henan Province. Liu Lianchang, secretary of the county party committee, Zhao Yuzhen, member of the county party committee and county party committee, Liu Zai, member of the county party committee and executive deputy magistrate, Yu Huamin, member of the county party committee and organization department, deputy secretary of the county industrial agglomeration party, deputy director Yang Xinquan, director of the county government office Yang Zhongcai waited to accompany him.
Han Jinghe, deputy general manager of Huifeng Company, introduced the company's basic situation, technological R&D innovation advantages and market share to the delegation in the front square of the office building.

The delegation then visited the company's production second, three production sites and the company's product showroom. During the visit, Yang Mingzhong and other leaders of Xinyang County Party Committee of Xinyang City gave high praise to Huifeng's production situation, sales situation and technology research and development innovation situation. Huifeng Company obtained national high-tech enterprises and provincial engineering laboratories. The Technical Research Center congratulated.

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