INVISTA launches new Wolf Grey CORDURA® Truelock® nylon 66 fiber

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On September 10, 2018, INVISTA's CORDURA® brand announced its latest in-stream dyed nylon (SDN) 6,6 fiber innovation, which is partnered with partner MMI Textiles, a fabric offering. The leading supplier of webbing and elastic fabrics and one-stop shop, supplying goods in the textile market for more than 21 years. MMI Textiles is the exclusive supplier to North America, and by December 2018 it supplies fabrics and webbing made from the new Wolf Grey CORDURA TrueLock® fiber.

Cordura True Lock fibers are made of Invista nylon 6,6 multifilament fibers that are dyed in the stock solution to lock the color and remain on the extruded layer of molten polymer, creating a deep, long-lasting color throughout the fiber structure. Color consistency is critical when pairing fabrics with other materials such as webbing and elastic fabrics to create a uniform garment and equipment.

Nick Rivera, director of operations at MMI Textiles, said: "Gray is one of the most commonly used colors in military/tactical applications, but it was one of the most difficult colors to match in the past. There are various "wolf grey" proprietary on the market. Version. One of our customers, Tyr Tactical, encountered the challenge of matching ribbons and fabrics and sought solutions from us. Then our attention turned to the Cordura brand."

Allen Mortimer, North American regional manager and product manager of Cordura brand, said: "After studying six different shades of gray, we worked together to launch the latest Wolf Gray Cordura True Lock fiber product, and the dark gray shade of Cordura Truelock fiber was realized. The uniformity of the color of the entire equipment and clothing, and the color is durable, exposed to the harsh environment and nervous military tasks, still remain the same."

The color achieved by Cordura TrueLock fiber has an inherent near-infrared (NIR) function, abrasion resistance and UV resistance and fade resistance. Locking the color fastness at the fiber level enables good tonal consistency between batches or across a variety of textile components, such as fabrics and webbing, making UV strength stability and durability possible.

The color encapsulation process used in Cordura TrueLock fiber also provides environmental benefits such as reduced water and energy consumption and reduced dye and chemical use in textile processing.

The launch of Invista's plant in Camden, SC, is an important milestone that expanded the capacity of the US Cordura fabric's high-toughness specialty fibers last year. The investment has accelerated the development of new properties for stock dyed nylon (SDN), a process that complements the plant's existing high toughness nylon 6,6 filament fiber production process.

In addition to WolfGrey, Cordura TrueLock's stock dyed fibers include Desert Sand, Tan, Coyote, Ranger Green, Camo Green and Black. Plans currently being implemented at the Camden plant include the expansion of the CorduraTrueLock filament product line, the introduction of additional standard colors and fiber deniers, and the flexibility to accommodate minimum order quantities and custom colors.

Cindy McNaull, global brand director and marketing director, said: "In our 50 years of experience, we have been committed to building a durable fiber technology foundation, including our stock dyed high performance nylon 6,6 product line, our latest Wolf Grey Cordura True Lock fiber demonstrates the power of supply chain collaboration as a result of the joint efforts of end users, equipment manufacturers, fabric suppliers and fiber companies."

The Tyr-Tactical brand of Wolf Gray military equipment is currently being tested by the Arizona Phoenix Police Force.

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