It is difficult to increase the penetration rate of kitchen electric power.

GO Jiaju Newsletter With the rapid development of smart technology, more and more intelligent kitchen appliances. However, as the current domestic smart kitchen power market is still in its infancy, some companies have released products that are only conceptual and have not yet formed scale sales. It can be seen that the intelligentization of kitchen appliances has not yet fully landed, and it is a bit difficult for consumers to accept this conceptual product.
It is difficult to improve the penetration rate of kitchen electric power. Smart TVs such as smart TVs and smart air conditioners have been increasingly recognized and accepted by consumers under the active promotion of all major brands. But for the kitchen appliance industry, intelligence is probably not so easy to popularize and promote. From the perspective of the overall market, the intelligence of kitchen and bathroom products is only stuck in the intelligence of small household appliances. The intelligent realization of kitchen products such as rice cookers and electric ovens is still relatively high, but it is similar to the intelligentization of products such as range hoods. The level has yet to be improved.
According to the data, the penetration rate of smart home appliances in the TV, air conditioner, washing machine and refrigerator market in 2015 was 82.1%, 7.8%, 4.1% and 1.2% respectively, while the overall penetration rate in the field of smart kitchen appliances was not To 0.5%. From the data we can see that compared with traditional home appliances, the intelligent penetration rate of kitchen appliances is still very low. This has created a difficult problem for the majority of kitchen appliances. How to improve market penetration and let smart kitchen appliances enter every family from the window, which has become the most headache for kitchen appliances.
Focusing on product technology to support big brand support is also a key Smart kitchen appliance products as an important branch of smart home systems directly affects the overall layout of smart homes in the future. Therefore, the importance of the development of the smart kitchen industry is self-evident. Today, when the intelligent technology is still in its infancy, the popularization of kitchen appliances needs to break through the layers of the barriers.
First of all, the most important thing is the consumer's product concept. The things in the most thoughts are the most difficult to change. Kitchen appliances have always been favored by housewives for their practicality. Nowadays, multi-functional smart kitchen appliances equipped with Internet technology seem to be convenient. In fact, the operation is complicated and the functions are tedious. This fundamentally limits the part. Consumer acceptance of smart kitchen appliances. Many people are not optimistic or even contradict the smart kitchen appliances, and they are directly passively dropped on the grounds of “not practical”. This concept is still deeply ingrained. Therefore, in order to popularize smart kitchen appliances, it is most important to transform people's product concepts, and this change of concept requires a long and lasting time.
Second, the technological breakthrough of smart kitchen appliances is also the key. At present, most kitchen appliances brands are only shallow breakthroughs in intelligent technology, and technological development is not yet mature. The intelligence of each kitchen appliance is simply “intelligence” and the degree of interconnection is far from enough. Therefore, smart kitchen appliances have to go through the technology barrier to each consumer's family.
Finally, the realization of intelligent kitchen appliances also requires the support of major brands. In order to stimulate demand, it is necessary to have products to support, and the promotion of smart kitchen appliances launched by the major chefs' brands can also play a positive role in promoting the market to a certain extent.
The road to popularization of smart kitchen appliances still needs a period of transition. From the ideological to the technical, the intelligent road of kitchen appliances is still thorny. After all these three obstacles, the road to popularization of smart kitchen appliances will More clear.
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