Several uses of vinegar in flower planting

In the cultivation of flowers, vinegar has a role that cannot be underestimated. For the poorly grown flowers, there is a magical effect of returning to life. It contains beneficial substances such as sugar, glucose, lactic acid and acetic acid, and the vinegar solution can inhibit the bioactivity of glycolate oxidase in the process of "photorespiration", increase the net photosynthetic rate by 10%-20%, enhance photosynthesis and increase chlorophyll content. To enhance the disease resistance of flowers, so spray the vinegar solution in an appropriate amount to make the flowers grow stronger, more flowers, and more beautiful. Here are a few usages.

Treating yellowing disease. Many flowers, such as camellia, rhododendron and foliage plants, often cause yellowing of leaves due to lack of iron, high pH value of the pots, improper management, etc., then 10 grams of vinegar can be used to add 3 kilograms of water before 10:00 am. Spray the foliage of the plant after 4 pm. Once every 10 days, even if you spray 4-5 times, you can change from yellow to green.

Promote plant growth. Spraying the whole plant with 300 times of vinegar solution before the buds of Camellia, spraying once every 15 days, can increase the leaves of Camellia by 0.2-0.4 cm, increase the flower volume by 8%, and increase the branch by 20%. Watering the flowers and trees with 150-2000 times of vinegar solution can overcome the physiological diseases caused by the alkaline value of the ph value of the potting soil.

Enhance disease resistance. Such as rose powdery mildew, rhododendron black spot, rose, peony bacillus, etc., once found, sprayed with 150 times vinegar solution 3 times, you can get effective control. For flower downy mildew, leaf spot, etc., spraying vinegar also has a certain therapeutic effect.

However, the following points should be noted when spraying vinegar on flowers: 1. It is necessary to use good edible vinegar, avoid using vinegar for chemical industry and vinegar with spoilage; 2. The concentration must be strictly controlled, and should not be increased arbitrarily; It is usually sprayed in the morning and evening, remember not to spray in the hot sun.

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