Small apartment simple decoration skills small apartment simple decoration considerations

Many people are very hard to save money in order to be able to buy a house of their own, but now the house prices are rising very fast, the house prices are getting higher and higher, many young people have no way to buy a big house, so now Many young people will choose to buy a small apartment. Small-sized houses are also very suitable for one person to live in, but we will inevitably encounter some problems when we need to decorate, then let's take a look at the small-sized simple decoration skills and precautions.


First, small apartment simple decoration skills

1. The structure of small units is very complicated. We must pay attention to these structures when we are decorating. Do not arbitrarily change the facilities that can affect the overall structure such as load-bearing walls and air ducts. If the change is made, it will have a certain impact on the whole building, and it will also have an impact on its own safety.

2, to use more small items, you can use some small storage basket to place some small items, and then stuffed under the bed, which can save space and make reasonable use of space.

3, home appliances to be fully equipped, this is to improve our quality of life, is able to keep up with the pace of modern home.

4, you can place more than a few mirrors at home, this can have the effect of visually increasing the space, so that the small-sized house does not look so small.


5. Although the space of a small-sized house is small, there should be something that should be there. Now it is the age of the network, so the network cable must be installed at home. This requires high requirements for the circuit, so it is arranged. Be careful when you are on the line.

6. The decoration of the small apartment should be simpler, but it can be used more on the lighting fixtures, which will make each room very bright.

7. When purchasing furniture, you should choose a lighter one. You can choose some combination furniture that can be disassembled at any time. You can also choose some simple and very light furniture. Try to choose some high furniture instead of wider. Furniture.

8. In terms of color, small-sized houses should choose furniture and walls with lighter colors, because the lighter colors can give people a brighter and wider feeling, and the space that people see in the visual becomes larger.


Second, small apartment simple decoration considerations

1, pay attention to functionality

When decorating, the first thing to consider is its functionality. Don't put too many decorative items, you can put some decorative cabinets, etc., both decorative and functional.

2, pay attention to the storage space

Because the space of the small apartment is relatively small, it is necessary to pay attention to its storage when designing and decorating, so that the whole room will not be crowded. For example, put a small table on the side of the bed, which can be used for work and study, which saves space and is very practical.

3, pay attention to decoration

The small-sized house is not suitable for decoration of very complicated ceilings and large-area wall decoration. It should be simple and practical. It can choose white wall in color, and the floor is also the best choice.

The above content is some information about the simple decoration of small apartment. I believe that everyone will have some understanding after reading, I hope to provide some help to everyone. For more information on home improvement, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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