China National Machinery Industry Corporation will issue 1 billion short-term securities

The reporter learned from the China Government Securities Depository Trust & Clearing Co., Ltd. that China National Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. will issue the first phase of the 2010 short-term financing bonds on January 15, with an issue amount of 1 billion yuan and a term of 365 days.
The short-term securities in this period are unsecured and issued at a par value of 100 yuan. The issue rate is determined by bookkeeping and centralized placement. The value date is January 19 and will be listed on January 20. The lead underwriter China Exim Bank will organize the underwriting syndicate and underwrite the current bond by way of balance underwriting.
According to the comprehensive assessment of Dagong International Credit Rating Co., Ltd., the credit rating of the short-term financing bonds in this period is A-1, and the issuer's main credit rating is AAA, and the rating outlook is stable.
According to the announcement of China National Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd., the funds raised by this short-term securities lending will be divided into two parts. Among them, the company plans to use 500 million yuan to supplement the projects to be put into operation by the subordinate companies in the actual production and operation process. The demand for funds ensures the smooth running of its business activities. The remaining 500 million yuan will be used to repay bank loans and improve the company's debt structure.

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