Russian government will review the development strategy of the automobile industry on March 4th

According to the Russian News Agency, Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Victor Khristenko revealed to reporters that the Russian government will consider the development strategy of the Russian automobile industry by 2020 at the meeting on March 4.

He said: "We have basically completed this (strategic) work, and all the established documents on the strategy have been submitted to the government."

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade last year formulated the first set of strategic plans in accordance with government requirements. At the time, the strategy was based on two major alliances - Volvo Cars (AvtoVAZ) and Renault (Renault), as well as Gorky Auto Group (GAZ) and Opel (Opel).

However, just a few days before the strategy was submitted, General Motors (GM) refused to sell 55% of the Opel stake to
A consortium of Austria-Canada Magna and the Russian Savings Bank, whose technical partner is the Gorky Automobile Group. Since then, the almost completed strategic program has had to be revised.

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