How to design the facade decoration? Facade room decoration precautions

Nowadays, many people choose to start their own business, so they will set up the facade room. The facade room needs us to design and decorate. When designing, it must meet the characteristics of the prominent items, and also consider the customer's ideas, so the decoration of the facade room is not so simple. , then the dressing room decoration how to design it? Note dressing room decoration, what does? surface decoration on a home network Xiaobian to tell you about it.


First, the facade decoration

1. On the color selection of the facade, there is also a very university question. For example, bright colors can stimulate the minds of consumers and make them excited, thus increasing the desire of consumers to buy. In addition, the decoration of the facade should pay special attention to the harmony of color and the overall modeling effect in order to achieve a higher visual appeal.

2. Make full use of and organize the marginal space of the facade, and make full use of the marginal space of the store to expand the indoor space, so that the intermediary space inside and outside the mall is also the crowd distribution, detention and street walkway system. Space node. This space has the features of being open, flexible, convenient for shopping and for people to take a break and watch.

3. There are many kinds of materials suitable for the decoration of the facade. To correctly use the texture, texture and natural color of the material, the decoration of the facade should be the same as the exterior wall and roof decoration of the building, and the material should be considered strong and durable, which can resist the wind and rain and have Certain anti-exposure, anti-freezing and anti-corrosion ability.


Second, the front room decoration matters needing attention

1. The color treatment of the surface decoration plays an important role in the shape of the perfect store. The storefront decoration should make full use of the contrast and harmony of color to achieve the artistic characteristics of strengthening the styling, enrich the effect of the styling, and create a more ideal visual charm. The color and texture of the goods: the color of antiques and home appliances is dark, the color of plastic products and toys is bright, which requires the color of the interior decoration design of the store to play a foil role, and try to highlight the color of the goods.

2. Store decoration attention prevention design In the decoration of the store, you also need to pay attention to its preventive measures. Not only need to take into account fire prevention measures, but also need to design a certain degree of anti-theft. If there are too many lights in the store, and the complicated laying of the lines is a little careless, it will leave a fire safety hazard. Therefore, for the decoration materials in the store, it must be fireproof.

3. The so-called succinct principle refers to the furnishings in the store, the style of decoration, etc. For any store, no matter what kind of products are operated, if the store is squeezed too slowly, if it is too slow, it always gives people A sense of oppression, so that it won't stay in the store for too long. On the contrary, these simple shops can give customers a pleasure and body and mind, then they will stay for a long time, stay for a long time, then the potential The customer has appeared.

The decoration of a storefront is rather cumbersome. There are many places that we need to consider. How do you design the decoration of the facade and what are the precautions for its decoration? I want to see the introduction of the above small series. Everyone knows, if If you want to know more about decoration, please stay tuned to the decoration home.

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