Qualified products do not represent aldehyde-free flooring companies can prevent formaldehyde in materials

Recently, various kinds of formaldehyde detection have emerged endlessly, and some experts have come out to say that "formaldehyde-free" products are only the gimmicks of business speculation. According to the current technology, it is impossible to produce aldehyde-free products. At present, it is difficult to achieve zero formaldehyde in home building materials. ". Qualified products do not mean that formaldehyde-free reporters have found that some building materials on the market are labeled with environmentally friendly zero formaldehyde. When introducing brand products, sales personnel will declare that brand products are environmentally qualified, which directly leads many consumers to purchase home building materials. The concept of qualified products is misunderstood. The “formaldehyde-free” flooring and sheet products currently sold in the home building materials market generally refer to “the wood itself contains trace amounts of formaldehyde, but only the adhesive without formaldehyde is added, and formaldehyde is not present in the product”. Qualified products generally mean that the formaldehyde content is within the specified range and is not formaldehyde free. The qualified rate of formaldehyde emission was as high as at the end of May this year, in Beijing, Tianjin and other 28 provinces and municipalities, the Consumers Association (CC, Consumer Protection Committee) and the China Consumers' Newspaper, a total of 29 consumer rights protection units and the China Indoor Decoration Association Green Home The Environmental Technology Working Committee, which lasted for 3 months, carried out a comparative test activity on the environmental performance of flooring and panels. A total of 35 samples were tested during the event, including 28 floor samples (15 laminate flooring and 13 parquet flooring) and 7 panel samples. The results of comparative tests showed that the formaldehyde emission rate of 35 samples was 97.14%, and the overall environmental compliance rate of the floor and board was higher. Prevention of formaldehyde in materials Although the compliance rate is very high, the achievement of a single sample does not mean that the home is environmentally friendly. According to Song Guangsheng, secretary general of the Indoor Environmental Monitoring Committee and director of the National Indoor Environmental and Indoor Environmental Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, formaldehyde in the home environmental testing may be related to a variety of materials, such as white latex and composite flooring. problem. For example, at present, more than 90% of environmentally friendly inspections of households with paving laminate flooring exceed the standard. Although the results of each floor test are qualified, if the paving area is too large and superimposed, it is easy to cause environmental protection. Therefore, in the process of home decoration, consumers need to pay attention to reasonable matching decoration materials.

The glass beads are used for road marking paints and thermoplastic road marking material to provide excellent night retro-reflectivity.  reflctvie BS 6088 A glass beads , BS6088 B glass beads ,  can be treated with drop on and intermixt  road marking glass beads when used for the marking line for the road. 

Specification for solid glass beads for use with road marking compounds and for other industrial uses,Glass, Waterproof materials, Particle size distribution, Defect counting, Marking, Sampling methods, Refractive index, Optical measurement, Magnetic materials, Corrosion tests, Water-resistance tests, Coatings, Reinforced materials, Plastics, Road marking, Quality assurance, Particle size measurement, Spherical shape, Weight measurement, Flotation agents, Acid-resistance tests.

BS6088 Standard Roadmarking Glass Beads are solid, spherical glass beads for use with thermosplastic roadmarking materials and traffic paint.Class A and Class B are high quality glass microspheres resulting from the specialized processing of selected glass cullet.

glass beads are a major factor in increasing road safety in an economical manner.Thanks to the beads' retro-reflective action at night, a vehicle's headlight beam is returned to the driver's eye.The microspheres not only multiply the visibility of the road markings at night, but also increase the marking's durability in general. glass beads are used as a drop-on agent and as premix beads for roadmarking materials.

Coated : Higher reflectivity than uncoated.Therefore best suited to use on high rainfall highway roads.

Uncoated:Increase the visibility of traffic lines /road markings especially at night.

Available in various sizes suitable for water based / solvent based road marking paints and thermoplastic material.

Can be used in a drop on application or premixed with road marking paint or thermoplastic.

Chemically inert and environmentally friendly.

BS6088 Glass Beads

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