The price of rosewood furniture rose mostly for follow-up behavior

Before and after the National Day, it is often the time when the major furniture stores engage in preferential promotions. For this year's mahogany furniture merchants, not only do not have too many promotional activities, but hope that the goods at hand are not sold for the time being. In 2009, the mahogany furniture market was represented by huanghuali and lobular rosewood. After falling from the peak of prices, the mahogany furniture market has been in a downturn for the past two years. In June 2013, another round of price increases was ushered in. At present, the price of mahogany furniture continues to rise. Restricted import of redwood species directly promotes the price increase of logs. In some mahogany furniture merchants, information on rosewood furniture has increased by more than 30% in the past three months. According to industry insiders, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora came into effect in June this year. According to the Convention, the import of 7 types of redwood species such as Dalbergia chinensis (commonly known as Laohong Sour rose) will be restricted. China's redwoods mainly rely on imports, so the entry into force of this treaty directly promotes the price increase of Siamese rosewood logs, which has become the fuse of the current rosewood price. As a downstream mahogany furniture industry, it naturally increases the price of furniture. The price increase of mahogany furniture is mostly due to the sharp increase in the raw material of the reddish rosewood, which has led to a sharp increase in the price of mahogany furniture. In the face of this large price increase, consumers will have their own judgment. According to the sales staff of mahogany furniture: "The price suddenly rises so much, consumers are really difficult to accept at present. However, the current price increase situation has forced the merchants to only sell a large amount of goods. It is estimated that the sales volume of merchants this year will be much higher than consumption. The actual purchase volume of the person." He believes that from the rising raw materials, this year's raw material increase is only the big red rosewood, while other types of rosewood prices have not increased much. In the furniture market, the price of all mahogany furniture has risen sharply, which is actually a follow-up behavior. The price of raw materials has risen, and all furniture manufacturers have been forced to raise prices. This is not a healthy price increase due to strong consumer demand. Whether this price increase consumer accepts or not, it will take time to test. When buying mahogany furniture, we must be cautious. After the introduction of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, the enterprises of Siamese rosewood logs are in large quantities. For a period of time, in Guangxi, Pingxiang, China's largest rosewood trading market, is rushing to buy the red rosewood. Nowadays, many large merchants in the country have gathered Guangxi Pingxiang to buy the raw materials of Siamese rosewood. In just 2-3 months, the price of logs of Siamese rosewood has increased by more than 50%. In the eyes of many people, the current increase is only the beginning, and the price of Siamese rosewood will continue to rise. According to an industry insider, "In the current skyrocketing price, consumers should be wary of the price increase of mahogany small merchants for the promotion of mahogany, throwing out the mahogany furniture that was previously purchased at a low price, resulting in high prices to buy mahogany furniture but no after-sales service guarantee. In the case of long-term development, the choice of mahogany furniture must choose a big brand, reputable products, such as Ming Ding Tan, has been winning for years of quality, price, value-added value-for-money A good reputation. Whether it is home use or investment collection, or pass on to future generations, it is a good choice.

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