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This summer, in the Xi'an Century Golden Flower Mercure Living House, I saw a lot of comfortable furniture, which not only pays attention to the design sense but also reflects the sense of quality. Let's take a look at it together: LACREATION, from Italy, belongs to the domestic first-line furniture brand, with Italian-style minimalist style. From the product characteristics: Marillo furniture design is very strong, more personalized; from the sitting, backrest and other parts of the ergonomics; and boldly try to combine the use of new materials. Any Marillo furniture can be made into leather or fabric; the product positioning is slightly younger. The sofa will have three layers of different sponges. The bottom sponge is a stable layer. Each cubic foot can withstand more than 50 kilograms of weight, without any deformation. Because Marilo's furniture style is relatively simple, professionals give suggestions on the style of home decoration: first come to the mall to inspect the furniture, and then choose the style of decoration according to the furniture intentions that you like. From the perspective of after-sales service: Marilo's products are maintained for life, and the warranty is one year. The cleaning of the surface fabric, there is a free door-to-door disassembly, the customer has finished cleaning, and the installation is free by the merchant. The first section of Marilyn's LACREATION store in the Mercure Golden Life living home: white linen sofa (above). The size of this sofa is 4.25*1.2 meters. The sofa seat of the same type is basically 1 meter deep. The furniture with such simple style is basically deep in depth. This model is specially made to 1.2 meters. There is also a 1 meter deep, but relatively speaking, it is still popular with 1.2 meters, because after going home to seek a kind of comfort, you will lie down when you sit down. The main seat area can be placed 1.2 meters wide, and the area close to the aisle or passage can be used 1 meter wide. The surface is made of imported A1 grade linen fabric. The fabric sofa is popular because of its good breathability, warm weather and close proximity to the human body. In recent years, linen has already shown the feeling of being tall: linen is extracted from pure plants and naturally colored, there is no problem such as color loss, and it is more environmentally friendly because it is naturally extracted. If you have better family conditions, you will choose linen and linen fabrics. Moreover, the owner of a tasteful hospitality, when staying at home and entertaining tea, the furniture of linen fabric can be completely integrated with the Chinese tea ceremony, which is more elegant. The padding on the backrest and the cushion is waterfowl, which is soft and comfortable. The designer of this sofa is Italian, and the brand designers go to Milan every year to participate in the exhibition. The inspiration for the minimalist design of Marilo's furniture is likely to come from a certain architectural style abroad. In view of the relatively large size of this piece of furniture, the required space is relatively large; if the hall is small, it can be completely disassembled and reassembled. The second paragraph: satin combination sofa (above). This distribution of art and leather, Mariel furniture leather is the Simmental (sound) cattle, all clear skin, to avoid the cowhide damage caused by the aggressive character. The sofa is 4.2 meters long and has a strong combination. It can also be made 3.6 meters, or 3.5 meters. All our items can be customized. The fabric of this fabric is satin, because the simple style of the furniture is basically simple. Leather sofa combination (below): The third paragraph: stylish linen sofa (above). Sitting on this piece of furniture, the body's temperature can be lowered by about 5 degrees, it will cool down, and the sitting feeling is harder. Because the fabric used is relatively high in grade A4, the density is relatively high and delicate. At present, many sofas are backed by cushions or cushions, many of which are doll cotton and silk cotton; followed by goose down and duck down; the resilience of waterfowl velvet is very good, no matter how the volume is rolled, it will immediately fluff and will not collapse. . Most young people still like to compare sofas that are soft and simple, while older owners prefer sofas that are harder to sit on. After a tired day, I prefer this enclosed sofa. The height of this one is 40 cm, the titanium black brushed steel is used underground, and the cut surface treatment is done next to it. In the case of hand-assisted leather, it will produce the illusion that the base of the sofa is relatively thin; the base of the traditional sofa is very thick. The lack of simple aesthetics; the cut surface plus the hand-assisted leather, not only simple and reflect the quality. This sofa is complemented by a walnut side and a coffee table, reflecting the simplicity of returning to nature. Including titanium black wire drawing materials and processes, this is only the Marilo family. Because titanium black brushed steel is now used in the aviation field, it is rarely used in the household industry, and its cost is relatively high. This kind of steel is more in line with the furniture requirements in terms of hardness, and can achieve the best effect. The side of the side is very practical and convenient; the items are more suitable and the style is versatile. The handrail has a 110-degree everted handrail. This feeling is similar to the European-style door design. Young people prefer this kind of new things. One is that the design is stronger and the sitting feel is stronger. It also shows personal characteristics and taste. The fourth paragraph: fashion meeting chair (above). Underneath this chair is German 304 steel, mirrored, and supplemented with a hand-made top coat. The design is a Chinese furniture circle chair, but it is a relatively fresh material; the place where the backrest is taken is the most ergonomic support for the lumbar support, which can protect the spine. This one is fine for both the user and the guest. It is rare to see furniture made of stainless steel and leather goods, and the taste of Chinese furniture. The fifth paragraph: leisure lounge chair (above). This lounge chair is very practical; you can get a better relaxation at home. Whether watching TV or soaking feet is very pleasant. If the home is large enough, put it on the balcony, it is more leisurely and more tasteful. The back is completely ergonomically designed and can be easily relaxed when lying down. The sixth paragraph: the study "zen" series (above). In line with any family, it is also better to match other furniture. It is still based on simple style, and the design on the small details is more environmentally friendly. The bookcase adopts the combination of virtual and real. The open place puts common things. The bottom is the locker. The whole set of hardware adopts imported Austrian Blum, and also has hydraulic rods. The load is better. Pull-down furniture, manufacturers consider its hardware; lockers use a rebound-rebound method to avoid over-pressing the floor after opening the door. Our furniture is made of ash, the color is mainly black, and the steel structure under the bookcase is durable and more load-bearing. The seventh paragraph: contrast color sideboard (top two pictures). This panel looks like a double layer, but it is actually a handle. The design is quite strong. It can be operated on it. The hardware is also imported from Austria. It is easy to adjust the coffee. There is no problem in bearing. The following design is a small wine cabinet, because the overall is black, so the design is orange red warm color and black contrast color series, will bring different passion to the overall atmosphere, but also reflect the young feeling. LACREATION - Italian-style luxury furniture store address: Xi'an West Street Bridge, Qikou, Century Golden Flower, Mercure Living, 3rd Floor, Zhongguan East Store Phone For more information, please pay attention to Xi'an Station WeChat public number

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