Shanghai Furniture Fair's 20-year bloom design energy detonates Shencheng

From September 10th to 14th, 2014, China International Furniture Fair will celebrate her 20th birthday in Pudong, Shanghai. In the past 20 years, the furniture exhibition has been comprehensively upgraded from exhibiting companies and product quality to the exhibition image. It also represents an important turning point for the transformation of Chinese furniture from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing power. This year, the exhibition focused on promoting original design, promoting material upgrades, and promoting e-commerce channels, focusing on creating a five-day and four-night design event to blast Shanghai, and a 100-seat show for China's good fabrics to create a good Chinese sofa. The first home e-commerce purchase ordering conference created by e-commerce giants will transform the exhibition into a future explosion of home furnishing and promotion of the furniture industry. 1993-2014: Shining in 20 Years From September 10th to 14th, 2014, China International Furniture Fair celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since the launch of the Kaleidoscope in the past year, the company has added a celebration element in the industry for 20 years. Can be called a girl. From 1993, only 3,000 square meters, the furniture exhibition area of ​​dozens of Chinese exhibitors started, and now the exhibition area of ​​more than 300,000 square meters and 3,000 exhibiting companies (including China International Production Equipment and Raw and Auxiliary Materials Exhibition), the furniture exhibition has been Adhering to the principle of quality, and creating a world-class furniture trade platform in the country of furniture manufacturing, in September each year, at least 100,000 visitors from 144 countries and regions visited and purchased. The overseas pavilion adds a new army. In addition to the huge Chinese manufacturing army, the French, Belgian, Spanish, Portuguese, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Singapore pavilions have been selected for the global trade show on the China International Furniture Exhibition Platform. The Korean pavilion has been added, and there are as many as 220 overseas exhibitors. Buyers will also see Brazilian and Polish furniture companies making their debut in the Chinese market this year. These overseas brands are mainly concentrated in the W1 International Brand Pavilion. Due to the important position of China International Furniture Fair in the international furniture trade platform for many years, many overseas companies choose China International Furniture Fair as the platform for exporting to the third country, and also for Chinese buyers. Agents offer a rare trading opportunity. Looking back on the 20-year history of the furniture fair, China International Furniture Fair is truly amazing in terms of the quality of exhibitors, the number of visitors, the exhibition area and the development trend. China's big-name must-go event China International Furniture Fair, as China's old-fashioned furniture exhibition, witnessed the development and growth of Chinese furniture companies from small to large, from domestic to global. Therefore, the Shanghai Exhibition in September each year has become a must-attend event for domestic big-name furniture companies. In the 20th anniversary of the furniture exhibition, Gujia Home, Minhua, Ashley, Si Kexin, Ningbo Mengying, Natuzzi, Xilinmen, Zuowei, Jianwei and other well-known furniture manufacturers at home and abroad have participated in a large area and brought themselves New products for export are on display. The design power gathered to detonate the city from the original design gallery to the design brand of two whole pavilions, 150 independent designers, 4 days and 1 night of designer activities, the design has penetrated into every blood vessel of China International Furniture Fair. And with a huge lineup in Shenzhen City, a design hurricane. As the finale of 20 years of Chinese furniture, the highlights of the design are endless in this exhibition: the design expansion was created three years ago. The design gallery brought together the most active and original creative power of domestic furniture design, from the first half of the museum to the expansion. This year's two pavilions divided the design pavilion into an original design pavilion and a brand design pavilion, attracting more designers and furniture people dedicated to the original furniture brand. The design halls at Halls W4 and W5 of the New International Expo Centre have brought together 106 original design companies and design brands. In addition to China's well-known original furniture brands, they also come from Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, India, Thailand, Australia, and Belgium. 16 overseas design brands such as Switzerland, Germany, India and the United States will focus on the international furniture home trends in 2014-2015, providing buyers with a wide range of high-end options, leading the future development of Chinese furniture and showing Chinese furniture design. power. The Software Plus upgrade "Home Plus Life Concept Pavilion" model home is the highlight of the organizer's soft furniture area in Hall E this year. Together with the international authoritative home life magazine "Anzhen AD" and well-known designers, it is built at 500 square meters. In the area, 14 spaces are used to present the protagonist from a family of three, to the middle class, to the different lifestyles that successful people like, all the furniture and accessories are carefully selected by the designer, and the space and furnishings are carried out. Overall design. The whole space will be crowned with the concept of “gable wall”. The first step is to see a gable of up to 6 meters. The purpose of the enlarged height is to try to pull back the people who come to visit. Recalling that the middle of the gable can only lead people's sights to the second floor through the staircase of one person. The sacred sense of forming a family is inexplicable. Around the wall is a group of high and low walls, the living room, children's room, dining room and bedroom are looming. The space height is gradually reduced. When the space of successful people is entered, it is a state of “unbounded”. There is no wall isolation between each space, and it is turned into a mountain and water platform. During walking, people are acquainted with nature. Really. Up to now, Xilinmen, Fuyi Furniture, JAB, Shufu, Zican and Hongda have settled in this space, and together with the designers, they have created a sample of lifestyle trends, which is how the furniture enterprises can accurately and effectively present their lifestyles. Inspire thinking. Red Dot Award Chairman re-creates "China Furniture Design Golden Point Award" The "China Furniture Design Golden Point Award", which aims to create the highest award for Chinese furniture design, was co-sponsored by the organizer of China International Furniture Fair and "ELLEDECORATION Home Gallery", invited German Red Mr. Peter Zec, founder/chairman of the awards, is the chairman of the jury. Well-known designers from fashion, architecture, interior, graphic, product and art will participate in the judging of the award and try to create a “red dot” in China. The world-class furniture design award of the level, supporting Chinese design and gradually making it a reputation in the world, and making China International Furniture Exhibition a truly world-class original furniture exhibition. The selection of the awards will be based on the spirit of insufficiency. If the standards that the judges unanimously believe cannot be met, then the awards will be empty. The exhibits of the first Golden Point Awards are mainly selected by exhibitors and are divided into two parts: the initial evaluation and the rematch. The judging criteria are five elements of appearance, craftsmanship, materials, details and environmental protection. The awards are divided into three categories: organizing committee awards, brand awards and individual awards, with a total of 20 awards. One of the organizing committee awards, in addition to the public award gold medal, to award the brand's popularity in the final consumer market, fully reflecting the artistic and practical combination of the award. The first Golden Point Award will be announced at the gala dinner on the first day of the exhibition on September 10. China Furniture Design Awards Upgrade “Innovation Award” On the 18th, Shencheng launched the 14th China Furniture Design Award, which was successfully upgraded and renamed “2014 China Furniture Product Innovation Award”, mainly for the sale of furniture products for the market. More targeted, selected products are closer to the general consumer group, and differentiated from other design awards. The participants of this competition are limited to furniture production or design enterprises, and strive to achieve "design guide production, innovation and serve the public", and ultimately promote the formation of Chinese furniture series style. The theme of this year's China Furniture Product Innovation Award is “market orientation, environmental protection first”. 100 sofa show: good fabrics make a good sofa. An excellent furniture product, in addition to the novel design, the quality and innovation of raw materials are also essential. In addition to promoting original design, this year's organizers have made efforts to build up the upstream and downstream industry linkages and upgrade the furniture “Made in China” from the inside out. Since June, the organizers have invited dozens of well-known furniture manufacturers from all over the world to visit the fabric production bases in Yuhang and Haining, Zhejiang Province, to negotiate and purchase. The final production sofa will be at the China International Home Furnishing Design Exhibition. The "100 Sofa Show" event was on display. The organizers also invited six six-line design coffee makers from Beishang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhejiang and four domestic top-class sofa companies to create six different styles of fabric sofas for the “100 sofa show”. Share the design concept. On September 10-13, 100 well-built sofas will be exhibited in the Expo Exhibition Hall together with furniture production equipment and raw and auxiliary materials exhibitions, with a total area of ​​more than 70,000 square meters. At the same time, the organizers also invited international authoritative trend analysis. The agency Style-Vision predicts 2015 indoor fashion and color trends. The first e-commerce procurement conference embraced the new channel as the world's furniture trade platform, China International Furniture Fair held the first e-commerce procurement ordering conference, which means that the industry began to embrace the new channel of e-commerce. The e-commerce procurement order will gather exhibitors interested in e-commerce channels, as well as buyers from Merlot, Ali, JD and other e-commerce platforms. In this region, a one-and-a-half-year e-commerce forum will be held. The industry's senior experts and leaders deeply analyze the "internet thinking in the furniture industry", analyze the popular keywords "e-commerce", "O2O", etc., and predict the future industry development model. In addition, during the exhibition, more exciting events, cocktail parties and awards will also be staged and sparkling, such as the DOD Design Forum, the Garden Café Design Cafe/Design Reception, the 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner, and the soft dress trend. The conference, the Innovation Awards and the 20th Anniversary Celebration Reception will be the highlights of the 20th anniversary of China International Furniture Fair, and will continue to innovate and enhance the celebration atmosphere. For more details on the exhibition, please visit http:// or search for the micro-signal "Furniture_china" or "Shanghai Furniture Fair", free tickets before September 7th! Shanghai Furniture Fair WeChat: Furniture_China About the organizer: About Chinese furniture Association: It is a national industry organization voluntarily composed of enterprises, institutions, social organizations and individuals in the furniture industry and related industries in China, and is guided by the National Light Industry Federation. The association represents the interests of the industry, reflects the wishes and requirements of the members, serves the member units, safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of the member units, conveys the government's intentions, and acts as a bridge and link between the company and the government. About Shanghai Bohua Exhibition Co., Ltd.: Founded in 1998, Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture established by Shanghai Huazhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and UBM China. At present, the company sponsors 8 major theme series exhibitions including furniture, yachts, pharmaceuticals, building materials, hotels, food, cleaning, lighting and other eight fields, involving 34 international exhibitions. The exhibition area of ​​2014 will reach more than 800,000 square meters, including furniture. Exhibition, pharmaceutical exhibition, boat show, hotel supplies exhibition has become the leading professional activity in the industry in Asia, attracting a large number of exhibiting companies and buyers at home and abroad to exchange and negotiate. -- Media Affairs Contact: Amelia Wang / Wang Yuanzhen Felix Hou / Hou Jiwei Email: Email: Mobile: 139 1767 9920 Mobile: 156 1873 0970 Ye Ye/ Ye Hao Email: yeye. Mobile: 139 0196 5398

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