150,000 professional buyers Chengdu home show will shake the furniture domestic market

From July 3rd to 6th, the 13th Chengdu International Furniture Industry Exhibition and the 6th International Home Culture and Arts Festival (hereinafter referred to as “Chengdu Furniture Exhibition”) will be held in the theme of “Leading Domestic Demand and Sharing the Future”. Century City·New International Convention and Exhibition Center. On May 28th, the first batch of more than 8,000 pieces of the 13th Chengdu Furniture Fair “Senior Buyers” certificate was sent from Chengdu New Oriental Exhibition Co., Ltd., the permanent organization of Chengdu Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee. This is the organizing committee. In order to facilitate the professional buyers of various furniture distribution centers to organize a new measure. This means that this year's Chengdu professional furniture audience invited the work to enter the final stage. According to Jiang Hua, assistant general manager of Chengdu New Oriental Exhibition Co., Ltd., a permanent organization of the Chengdu Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee, for the time being, more than 150,000 professional buyers from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Hebei are expected this year. Come to the exhibition. The FIT group has a very active dealer in the country. The reporter learned that with the improvement of the national influence of the Chengdu Furniture Fair, it is probably a common phenomenon since the beginning of 2008. The exhibition of Chengdu and Chengdu is a common phenomenon. Almost all can't be ordered. Although there is still a whole month from the opening of the furniture, the organization of dealers in many associations and home stores has been basically completed. It is reported that as one of the national furniture distribution centers, Xianghe, a group of nearly 200 dealers organized by the management committee will visit and purchase the Chengdu Furniture Fair. According to Jiang Hua, in addition to Xianghe, the two national furniture distribution centers, including Lecong and Qikou, will also organize dealers to come to the exhibition. Xianmingle is the person in charge of Zhangzhou Phoenix Residence Mall. He told reporters that this year, nearly 60 dealers will be organized to visit the Chengdu Furniture Fair to see if there are new and better business opportunities. “We have organized dealers to visit Chengdu for several years, and they are very much recognized by Chengdu Exhibition. In particular, the positioning of Chengdu’s furniture exhibition 'internal trade' is in line with the current market environment, because it has gathered from the domestic market. The big-name to high-quality and low-priced products can provide dealers with many opportunities to make money. In recent years, many domestic first-line brands have also participated in the exhibition, which proves the influence of Chengdu Furniture Exhibition in the industry.” It is worth mentioning that Similar to Phoenix Residence, it is not a small number of shopping malls to visit Chengdu Furniture Fair. Guiyang Red Sun Furniture Plaza, Shenyang Zhonghua Furniture City - Weihua Furniture City, Xiangfan Century Jinyuan Home Plaza and more than 200 home furnishing stores have been confirmed. Organize dealers to come to the exhibition. The staff of the organizing committee introduced to the reporter that in order to facilitate the professional buyers to exchange the exhibition documents more conveniently during the exhibition period and shorten the time for renewal, all professional buyers who are interested in the exhibition can pass the official website of Chengdu Furniture Exhibition (http:// ) Pre-registration, at which time, professional buyers can obtain the documents at the renewal office by name. The dealer database has accumulated more than 100,000 people in 9 years. Why can Chengdu Furniture Fair gather a large number of professional visitors in just a few months? This is definitely not a one-night event. Jiang Hua told reporters that since the beginning of the market operation of Chengdu Furniture Fair in 2004, it has already attracted investment as the most important work, and began to establish a national professional audience database. "In addition to the conventional 'expansion of the database', the database maintenance personnel also timely understand the needs of dealers through high-frequency return visits, publications, etc., and constantly improve and improve the database. In recent years, with the influence of Chengdu Furniture Exhibition The promotion of the power, the exhibition also includes the Malaysian Furniture Association and other foreign trade associations to organize dealers to participate in the exhibition, so that our dealer database information has been extended to the international market." According to Jiang Hua, the current professional audience in this database has reached More than 100,000 people. In order to bring more strength and counterpart dealer resources to exhibitors, “There has been a big breakthrough in dealer invitation work in recent years, which is the resource integration of furniture industry associations across the country.” In Jiang Hua’s view, everywhere The authority and influence of trade associations in the local area is far greater than that of an exhibition. It is a direct and efficient way to mobilize dealers to advertise, and this year's "high-level buyers" are mainly invited by this channel. "At the beginning of this year, we have contacted more than 40 industry associations across the country. The exhibition will also be led by the chairman of the China Furniture Association Zhu Changling, and will organize nearly 30 companies including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Hebei. The delegation of the Secretary-General of the Provincial and Municipal Furniture Associations visited Chengdu Furniture Fair.” Jiang Hua is full of confidence in this year’s professional audience invitation. He expects more than 130,000 professional buyers to come to Chengdu Furniture Fair this year. Visiting and purchasing, “130,000 dealers, this is a huge sales network for exhibitors to penetrate all over the country.” Two-way counterpart purchases are highly efficient. “A large number of stable dealers and exhibitors are a professional exhibition need. The two basic conditions are also necessary, and meeting the needs of dealers and exhibitors for the exhibition is the key to a professional exhibition – for exhibitors, there is a need for dealers to drive sales channels for dealers. Need appropriate and appropriate products to create wealth for him." Jiang Hua said that Chengdu Furniture Fair as a Chinese country With the preferred platform for domestic trade, its exhibitors and distributors are counterparts. For exhibitors, more than 100,000 professional buyers include not only first-tier cities, but more importantly, they cover most of the second, third and fourth-tier cities in China, and they have penetrated into the vast rural market. This market is now becoming At present and for some time to drive the main force of furniture demand, mastering the dealers in this region will be the key to the company's "market reshuffle period". For dealers, the exhibitors of Chengdu Furniture Fair have rich and effective experience in the domestic market, and the design and pricing of their products are basically in line with the domestic market demand. Liu Xinyuan, the person in charge of Sanxin Dinggao Furniture who participated in Chengdu Furniture Fair for several years, told reporters that “Chengdu Furniture Fair is developing every year and it also brings us opportunities. In brand promotion, let our popularity continue to increase and expand in the channel. In terms of a large number of dealers, we have gained a lot of cooperation opportunities every year, and the recognition level at all levels of the country is getting higher and higher.” Mr. Zhang, who came to the Chengdu Furniture Fair last year and placed an order, is a Fujianese. Now he has opened a flagship store of a certain furniture brand in Fuzhou. In the interview, he said: "For our dealers, visiting the exhibition is actually a choice. It is not all the furniture exhibitions in the country. What are the exhibitors and products? If the exhibitors at an exhibition are very very high-end brands, then for the dealers who do this second-tier city furniture sales, they will never go because they have not gone. There will be gains." Based on the counterparts of this exhibiting company and dealers, the Chengdu Furniture Fair's transaction is extremely efficient. It is reported that the number of visitors to the Chengdu Furniture Fair last year exceeded 200,000, of which professional buyers reached 150,000, a year-on-year increase of 25%. The on-site turnover reached 8.67 billion, a year-on-year increase of 37.6%. The medium and long-term economic benefits are expected to exceed 40 billion yuan. . At the same time, Chengdu Furniture Fair is not a single display and trade of finished furniture, but also includes enterprises in the industrial chain of furniture industry such as woodworking machinery and raw materials. This year's furniture exhibition attracted more than 20 internationally renowned companies including the global top 500 companies Akzo Nobel. Jiang Hua said that Chengdu Furniture Fair not only promotes the cooperation between exhibitors and professional buyers, but also covers the production of enterprises, accessories and raw materials, furniture industry parks, furniture stores, furniture software design, furniture logistics, etc. Enterprises in the entire furniture industry cluster match. Exhibitors and professional buyers can make two-way and even multi-directional purchases at the furniture fair, so that Chengdu Furniture Fair can interact with Chengdu furniture industry to promote the development of the whole industry. Chengdu Furniture Fair has continuously expanded its influence in the industry, and has formed the “Chengdu Phenomenon” in the national furniture industry. Chengdu Furniture Fair and Chengdu Furniture Industry, which is one of the three major furniture production bases in China, has developed into a measure of the domestic furniture trade situation. The "barometer", for the Chinese furniture industry, "domestic trade to see Chengdu" has also become a law.

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