Frontier: Management and Innovation of Furniture Enterprises in the Internet Age

The Internet era is about two words - speed. Whoever can meet the needs of customers faster can be a winner. The speed is improving and the pace of the times is accelerating. The speed representative of the age can be compared to walking, bicycles, cars, airplanes and Scuds. A message on the Internet that will advertise globally within a second. The phrase “time is money” has been the biggest expression in the Internet age. A management scientist in the United States called Drucker said: The Internet has eliminated distance, which is its biggest impact. In the Internet age, for furniture companies, if you can establish a zero-distance relationship with users, then you win. Importing information management is the first step of enterprise management innovation. As for enterprise informationization, although enterprises have been introduced since the late 1990s, Chinese companies, including furniture companies, need to go a long way. Zhang Ruimin of Haier Group said in a speech at the Wharton Global Alumni Forum that 93% of Chinese companies can't succeed in ERP, which means that only 7% of companies can achieve ERP, and this 7% is not necessarily successful. Many companies should do ERP, but why are so many companies doing ERP unsuccessful? The reason is that these companies have not yet done user-centric, they are required to do informationization, landing sites are not found, of course, it is not successful. . Many companies blindly use ERP, just like putting oil on the water, oil and water are separated, they can't be integrated into one. If the business is likened to water, ERP should not be the oil of the surface light, but the wine of the dripping fragrance. Only in this way, the more it tastes. Take Dongfang Zhi Shanghai Sanfentian Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongfang Zhi), which introduced the ERP system for the famous furniture company (pseudonym). At that time, it took a lot of twists and turns. After more than a year of continuous improvement, now slowly The land is getting better. For example, the inventory problem, Dongfang Zhi did not get a good solution when importing the informationization process for the famous door furniture enterprises, and now has achieved the informationization under zero inventory. Nowadays, although the famous door furniture enterprises do not have stocks, if the users want the goods, they can immediately send them in the past, and the users will not form the inventory, which is actually the re-engineering of the whole process. For example, R&D, the product developed today must be the user's needs after six months. Market personnel should also understand the needs of users, and the products of the company will not form inventory. This is also a lot of problems faced by Chinese furniture companies. For example, under normal circumstances, the number of days around the inventory of furniture companies is 75 days. After Dongfang Zhi helped famous furniture companies to introduce ERP, the number of days around the inventory in early 2009 has changed to 30 days. Although in this process, famous furniture companies suffered a lot of pain, their sales were greatly affected in the process, but after everyone made a bite, they made the informationization of the whole process of the enterprise. Famous furniture companies also took themselves to a new level in this financial crisis. Nowadays, many furniture companies basically sell their inventories, and famous furniture companies have begun to sell services. It is based on the needs of users. This realizes that the furniture products produced by the enterprise are not placed in the warehouse, but which store needs and which user has already been set, so the products produced on the production line of the enterprise are the products that the user has already requested. Rather than purchasing many warehouses for warehouses and selling them for warehouses, this is a very big challenge. The information management of famous furniture companies is cut from here, and is user-centered. Customer-centered is the key to making yourself an informatized enterprise. "Informatization of enterprises" is to meet the needs of users with enterprises as the center, while "information-oriented enterprises" put enterprises in the chain of national users' needs. The enterprise is only one part of this chain and should operate faster in this chain. This requires that all activities of the company are carried out around the customer, and all work is centered on meeting customer needs. In the "Long Tail Theory", American Anderson said: "In the information age, every company should provide high-quality products at low cost and help users find the products they need with high quality." How to provide all products at low cost, not Furniture companies are now mass-produced, but should be mass-customized. Because large-scale production of customized products must be able to achieve low cost. Just as the long tail theory is not the 80/20 principle, but all types of furniture products have been booked by users, so companies can achieve zero inventory, so that the maximum use of funds to play its role. Of course, this is a very big challenge for most furniture companies in China. High-quality to help users find the furniture products they need, now furniture users can stay at home, not only one company, but furniture companies from all over the country and even the world, which requires the furniture products provided by enterprises Must be competitive. For Chinese furniture companies, from now on, the transformation through the financial crisis is a very big challenge and a very good opportunity. When Dongfang Zhi introduced the information management for the famous door furniture enterprise, it adopted a combination of virtual and real network - the so-called virtual network is the Internet; the so-called real network is the ground service. That is, after the user clicks on the purchase on the Internet, the service from the department, the logistics department and other services must be combined to keep up and deliver the goods in the first time. Because China is too big, Dongfangzhi recommends that famous furniture companies learn express delivery companies. From the urban area to the suburbs and then to the county to the lower store, this network is very difficult to go deep, but the market potential is very large, such as famous furniture. After establishing nearly 10 service stations in the two counties and three cities of the second district of Jiaxing, Zhejiang (Nanhu District, Xiuzhou District, Jiashan County, Haiyan County, Haining City, Pinghu City, Tongxiang City), only one area of ​​Jiaxing from the beginning of the year to the present The sales have exceeded 10 million yuan (the sales of Mingmen Furniture in Jiaxing District in 2008 was more than 3 million yuan). The matching organizational structure is the guarantee for the success of information management. Because all departments of informationized enterprises must face customers, it is necessary to break the barriers between various departments, let everyone work together to meet the needs of customers and create value for customers together. We know that a company can be large or small, but the larger and smaller companies are three tables: income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. In the process of helping Mingmen Furniture to be introduced into information management, Dongfang Zhi has made the profit and loss statement to be the head of each department of each team. The personal profit and loss statement of the department head is mainly concerned with the strategic direction of this famous furniture in the market. The strategic goal, of course, the new opportunity for the company is also the task of his income statement. In order to prevent the first-line sales managers and customers from committing to worry that the resources behind them are not shared, all the people behind them, such as manpower, finance, etc., have their own profit and loss statements. This profit and loss statement and the team’s commitment to the customer must be formed internally. a contract. In this way, the idea of ​​corporate management in the past has been completely subverted. In the past, employees were doing business in the enterprise. They took wages or bonuses from the company according to their duties, abilities, and work. Now they have become employees in the enterprise. When you do something, you get the assets of the company. If you take the assets, you must increase the value of the assets. If you don't add value, you will lose money. This has the advantage of allowing famous furniture companies to adapt to the changing and fast market in the information age. Now the market is changing too fast, and it will not be possible to wait until the market changes feedback and then make decisions. But the company gives the market to the employees, let the employees operate, and he can do it himself. Because Chinese employees are smart, no matter what policy you put in, there are ways to deal with you. But there is one, as long as the public money is spent on office work, most of them are inefficient and wasteful; if you spend your own money to do your own business, it is often efficient and saves money. Now the situation has become very simple. The assets that employees take are all company-owned, and they are all assigned to the employee's personal name. They become employees, let the employees operate, and the operation has value-added benefits. If there is no loss, there will be no salary. . As a result, employees will not push many of the difficulties they can solve, nor will they waste the company's resources. After a period of adaptation, the staff learned to plan the future and learn to link the future of the company, the future of the department and their future. According to Zhang Jian, the general manager of Mingmen Furniture, the famous furniture is more vibrant than ever. .

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