The mahogany furniture market began to shuffle some businesses that were forced to go out of business or transform

Under the influence of the international and domestic economic recession, the domestic Guardian “2012 Spring Auction” was obtained from Overseas Christie. Compared with the hot spring 2011, the market performance of the spring 2012 auction was slightly weak. According to a senior mahogany merchant, the number of artworks and the number of transactions have dropped by 40% to 50%. The mahogany furniture market has also ushered in a continuous downturn and small fluctuations in prices. Because of its “scarcity of raw materials” and “unique artistic value”, mahogany furniture can achieve the perfect unity of “aesthetics”, “mechanics” and “utility”. Some insiders believe that in the long run, the market of mahogany furniture is a short period of low, and the market is not necessarily a bad thing. How the high-end trading market has been in the past few days, the reporter visited the future of Yan's furniture, full round red, mahogany Daguanlou and other large professional mahogany stores and found that the market is mixed: some products with hard quality can not afford high costs Under the burden of being overwhelmed, they have to go out of business or change careers, and they have rushed to "three fold" products, eager to withdraw funds. Especially in October, many industry insiders predict that there will be a boom in the mahogany market along with discounts or promotions, but product quality and brand needs to be considered, and the goods need to be more professional and careful. In the case of a cold market, another store will open the Tianhong Future Road store in the near future. Some insiders speculate: Does it indicate that the mahogany market is about to pick up? Before the eleventh, opening and celebration was the mainstream of the mahogany market. The just-concluded "Mu Yun Zhongqiu·Yan's Head Office 2nd Anniversary Celebration" was held at the Yan's Furniture Future Road Head Office. The perfect combination of painting and calligraphy art and traditional culture of mahogany furniture has created a precedent for the Zhengzhou mahogany furniture industry. This painting and calligraphy exhibition has specially launched more than ten famous modern paintings and calligraphy works by Huang Wei, Fan Zeng, He Jiaying, Wu Zuoren, Liu Dawei, Yang Zhiguang, Wang Mingming, Qi Zhi, Xie Ruijie, Wu Muyao and Wang Youzheng, attracting many lovers of calligraphy and painting. The whole exhibition was full of joy and culture, and it was filled with a strong cultural and artistic atmosphere, which promoted the sales of mahogany furniture. In the past two years, due to the sharp increase in labor costs, enterprises have faced various levels of cost pressure, compression of profit margins, and tight capital chains. Many new banks or small manufacturers have entered the crisis of business and bankruptcy. At a national mahogany professional symposium last month, more than 30 people from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Jiangsu and Beijing gathered together. Henan went to 2 people. “Is the redwood a trough?” “When is it going back?” Hot topics of concern. Hu Macro, director of the Henan Association of Redwood Professional Committee, revealed that many foreign businessmen who entered the “gold rush” business were out. In a large redwood store in Zhengzhou, under the influence of the cold market, many customers who blindly followed suit, the merchants revealed: “The customers who come to the store are the real buyers, and most of them are mostly old customers because they have Strong professional knowledge and brand awareness, as long as you see the furniture you like, you will buy it.” The shuffled brand has become more popular. According to the public, even in the big brand stores, this year, some of the more than 50 stores have The brand has not been opened for 2 months. Hu Macro revealed that since the end of 2011, the Zhengzhou rosewood market has been weak, which may be better than the national market. The investment of the merchants is extremely irrational. Some of the early-selling teapots even joined the ranks of the mahogany business. The market brand and the hype information are mixed, which also caused unrecognizable confusion for many consumers who like mahogany. Mr. Ma, a veteran mahogany collector, revealed that classical mahogany furniture has been developed in the last decade and has benefited from the revival of the quintessence of the country and has been well received by the society and welcomed by customers. In 2008, the international financial crisis forced many small manufacturers in the mahogany market to close down. The current economic situation has caused a new reshuffle in the mahogany furniture market and a wave of sand, which will definitely promote the rational development of the market in the future. . The famous brands and boutiques of mahogany furniture have great market development potential. Ms. Zhang believes that the price is still very concerned, and at this moment, the participation of the brand is needed to drive the development of the industry. Products with artistic connotations are more valuable. "Is it going to pick up after the 11th?" Yan Cun, the secretary general of the Redwood Committee of the Henan Furniture Association and the general manager of Yan's Classical Furniture, said: "For the buyers of redwoods, they are increasingly As a practical value art, mahogany furniture has a clearer goal to preserve value. Only by improving the production process and design level of the product, from the rise of commodity production to the height of art collections, can we give these woods a second life. To survive better, furniture companies must first understand their own positioning, whether it is low-end consumer goods or collectible art. Secondly, they must have their own unique designs, focusing on their cultural and artistic connotations and appreciation, so that products are more Collection value. Redwood furniture is the same as ancient art painting and calligraphy art.” Yan Zong believes that only the furniture production process can be upgraded to a higher artistic quality, and the market share of mahogany furniture in the Chinese furniture consumer group will be growing.

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