Air switch specification model introduction and selection method

Air switch, also known as air circuit breaker, is a type of circuit breaker. It is a switch that automatically turns off when the current in the circuit exceeds the rated current. The air switch is a very important electrical appliance in the low voltage distribution network and the electric drive system. It integrates control and various protection functions. The air switch is indispensable to family life. The air switch is suitable for home decoration because it can carry heavy circuits. When the operating current exceeds the rated current, causing short circuit or voltage loss, it will automatically cut off the power. And tripping, to achieve a purpose of protecting safe electricity, and have a protective effect on the circuit. The air switch specifications on the market today are also varied, so do not blindly choose when choosing. Today I introduced some air switch specifications that are suitable for home use for a long time and teach you how to choose a suitable air switch.

Air switch specification model introduction

There are many specifications and models of air switches, and the most commonly used is the DZ series of air switches. Several common types of air switch specifications are C16, C40, C32, C80, C60, C100, C120, etc., and are also several commonly used air switch specifications. In addition, in addition to the air switch specifications of this home device, there are also air switches for industrial use. The DZ and DW series are more commonly used. Its specifications are 32A, 80A, 100A, 160A, 250A, 400A, 800A. , 1000A, etc., may have higher air switch models.

Just mentioned in front of several more commonly used home improvement air switch specifications models, there are also industrial air switch specifications used models, so that the number of types of specifications may not understand or understand a lot of people do not understand. Then, we will give you a detailed introduction. The uppercase letter C in the domestic air switch specification model indicates the tripping current, and the number indicates the current. The applicable range of these specifications and models is different. For example, if the home-installed water heater is around 7000W-8500W, the air is used. The switch specification requires a current with a trip current of 40 amps, C40.


Air switch specification model selection method

Knowing that you know the air switch specifications, the next step is to buy the problem. How to choose an air switch that is suitable for home improvement, not only to be familiar with the power supply situation at home, but also to be familiar with physics knowledge. Air switch as a home power switch, in its purchase tens of millions can not be careless. In order to prevent the safety accident caused by the current, now the air switch used in home improvement is the secondary air switch that is used, that is 2P, that is, the thickness of two, 1P thickness is 18mm, a line into and out of current; 2P thickness is 36mm , is the two lines into and out of current, and so on, the highest is 4P. Using a secondary air switch is safer. It is best to choose an air switch with leakage protection.

First of all, in the choice of air switch specifications, choose a model suitable for home improvement, in the choice of secondary air hanging, that is, 2P air switch, then before choosing this, you also need a step, is to calculate the branch current of home electricity The value, such as a light bulb, can be obtained by dividing the power by the voltage; for example, for a slightly larger TV set, washing machine, refrigerator, etc., the computational complexity is much more complicated. This algorithm needs to be doubled and the calculated current is Multiplying by two gives a doubled current; according to this current algorithm, when selecting the air switch specification, it is more specific.


Air switch use common sense

In the front, we also outlined the air switch specifications, air switch specifications and how to choose the method and so on, then the next thing to look at the home switch air switch power common sense. Such as high-power electrical appliances because of the load to avoid, once found that the circuit is aging, should be replaced in time; to choose a safe, with leakage protection of the air switch; access to the power cord to be safe and reliable, the end of the wire to be well-proportioned, damaged The power cord must not be used; it must not be connected to the power supply in the air switch; if there is an electric appliance in the home, the power must be turned off and the air switch must be turned off. Air switch as a total power switch, its responsibility, usually more attentive, and always ensure the safety of household electricity.

Editor's summary: After introducing the air switch specification model introduction and selection method, I will make a brief explanation for the air switch tripping situation that we often encounter. When we encounter a trip condition, first determine whether the tripping air switch is a master switch or a branch outlet switch in the distribution box at home. If the main switch is not tripped, but the shunt switch trips, it indicates that there is a problem with the wiring of the high-power electrical supply line, that is, multiple high-power electrical appliances are connected to the same branch switch. In such cases, the high-power electrical line is adjusted to light load. The shunt switch can be (a high-power electrical appliance is recommended to use a separate shunt switch); if the shunt switch does not trip, the main switch trips, then calculate whether the sum of household appliances power exceeds the power supply approval capacity, and check whether the total switch capacity is Power supply approval capacity matching.

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