North Fourth Ring Solid Wood Furniture Survey: Solid wood furniture main material has "study"

Consumers have always had a lot of confusion in the process of purchasing solid wood furniture. The lack of standards and low consumer recognition have led to a mixed phenomenon in the industry. What is solid wood furniture? How should I buy? We have too many questions about solid wood furniture.
So initiated by Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jinan, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Shenyang 7 to jointly investigate the solid wood furniture market in the local home store, intending to "uncover" the real situation of solid wood furniture.
Recently, reporters from Beijing Station visited the North Fourth Ring home business circle and found some phenomena and details worthy of attention in the solid wood furniture market. For example, the price gap between different tree species is large, and the industry has high standard low-fold phenomenon... by visiting and Many parties asked, and hope to play a certain role in consumers to buy solid wood furniture. Actually, the four-ring store in the North Fourth Ring store has a clear classification of solid wood furniture and panel furniture. The reporters found that the furniture of the North Fourth Ring Store is relatively clear, and the second floor of the furniture and furniture store is a plate. The wood and wood combine furniture, the third floor is solid wood furniture, and the store uses a uniform machine label. In the three floors of solid wood furniture, a number of brand stores have slogans such as “rejected veneer, fake a penalty of ten” and “100% pure solid wood furniture model”. After visiting three storefronts, the reporter found that in addition to the product name, brand, origin, grade, unit, specification, manufacturer, dealer, etc., in the "main material" column, most stores marked two to three Material. The main materials of solid wood furniture are generally labeled as two or three kinds of wood in the top 100 furniture stores. The main materials are marked as "black walnut, eucalyptus". For one of the chest of drawers, the reporter asked what the material is. The guide said that the main material is black. Walnut, the auxiliary material is eucalyptus, and the auxiliary material is the material inside the drawer. For the reason why the single material is not used, the shopping guide explains that this is mainly due to cost considerations. If the cost of all black walnuts is increased, the use of eucalyptus as an auxiliary material will not affect the appearance or influence the use. Subsequently, the reporter visited several specialty stores and the answers were basically the same. The main material of the solid wood furniture in the “Langkawei” store is teak, and the auxiliary materials are fragrant and fir. The guide told reporters that “it is not necessary to use teak all. For example, if the backboard is also made of teak, many customers will feel that it is unnecessary. The use of other wood is also environmentally friendly. If the customer needs it, it should be full teak, then the price will be To this, the relevant experts also said that the materials used in the inside and outside of a piece of furniture are not serious, on the one hand, it is cost-saving, on the other hand, it is also due to the consideration of furniture performance, such as extending furniture. The service life. In fact, many businesses on the third floor of the house have the words “rejected veneer” and the European and American furniture does not have “pure solid wood”?
Located in the North Fourth Ring, Chanai Yiju, Meikemeijia and Henry Daidu operate American-style furniture. The reporter walked into Chennai, which is mainly engaged in the management of American furniture. For one of the American high-end brand furniture is pure solid wood, the shopping guide said that the furniture is made of wood and wood, the countertop is not pure solid wood, and it means "solid wood furniture." The humidity requirements of the air are high, especially in the climate of Beijing. Furniture made of pure solid wood is prone to cracking and deformation."
In the Meikemeijia store, the reporter asked if a TV cabinet is pure solid wood. The shopping guide shook his head to indicate that the TV cabinet is a combination of wood and wood, the solid wood frame, and the side panels are reinforced panels, but it is not inferior or paper, and further It is said that American furniture rarely has pure solid wood. The reason is the same as that of other shopping guides in other stores. Pure solid wood furniture is prone to deformation and cracking.
Since then, the reporter has visited several stores in other stores that operate European and American furniture, and found that many European and American furniture use solid wood frames, and the countertops use different density boards and solid wood veneers. In this regard, almost all the shopping guides said that "European and American style furniture is not made of pure solid wood", although the statement is too absolute, but after the reporter visited, it is found that the vast majority of European and American furniture is not pure solid wood, but adopted a combination of "wood and wood" ". It can be found from the description of the shopping guide that the reason is mainly considering the durability, aesthetics and cost saving of the furniture.
In a store specializing in solid wood furniture in a store, after careful identification by experts, it was found that one of the special furniture surfaces appeared uneven, and the experts also said that "most furniture manufacturers are not willing to do pure solid wood countertops, time will be long There is a crack." It is not difficult to see that pure solid wood furniture also has certain defects. Consumers should also follow their own preferences when purchasing, instead of blindly following the trend.
Can solid wood furniture "over the Yangtze River"?
In the Yazhen furniture store in the North Fourth Ring Road, the reporter found that unlike other brands, the origin of all products in Anhui is in Jiangsu. In this regard, the reporter raised doubts, "I heard that there is a 'solid wood but the Yangtze River'. The solid wood furniture produced in the south will be deformed and cracked due to the different climates in the north?" The purchaser said that the company has its own special drying plant. Make sure the product is dried in Beijing according to the climate of Beijing. At the same time, the shopping guide also told reporters that there are some small factories outsourcing drying, and there will be similar problems. Later, the reporter visited a few solid wood furniture brand stores in the south. The guides gave similar answers to the reporter's doubts. In a furniture store in Sichuan where the origin is “Yumuyuan”, the reporter throws the same problem to the shopping guide. The other party said that the solid wood furniture produced by the company will be treated twice and will not be deformed.
In this regard, Qu Yuliang, director of the China Timber Distribution Association, told reporters that the problem of deformation and cracking of solid wood furniture does have a certain relationship with the place of origin. Because of the cracking and deformation of solid wood furniture produced in the south to Beijing, there was a time when the north boycotted the southern production. Solid wood furniture. But now many good furniture factories can control the moisture content. Fu Junmin, general manager of Xuanming Dianli, also said in the interview that some brands will have relatively stable dryness after the second drying treatment of solid wood furniture. If there is no problem in the responsible enterprises. However, there are also some small businesses, especially wholesalers, who do not have wood treatment links and are not responsible for repairs.
With the advancement of technology, solid wood furniture “over the Yangtze River” is obviously not a problem, but it is also recommended that consumers choose the well-known big brands when purchasing the solid wood furniture in the south, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by problems. Economic losses.
Solid wood furniture "high standard low fold"?
During the visit, the reporter also noticed that in addition to the symbolic discounts of 10% and 5% discounts given by some well-known brands of solid wood furniture, many brands also sold ultra-low discounts of 60%, 50% or even 4%. In the North Fourth Ring store of the Real Home, most brands have a certain small discount, but the brand store named “William Town” gave a 40% discount before, and the shopping guide said that this is the discount for the opening of the new store. . A week later, when the reporter came to the store again, the discount has become a 20% discount. The shopping guide said bluntly, "The price of this TV cabinet is now more than 6,000 yuan. Before the price of 40% off, the price is more than 10,000 yuan. The same is true." In another store, a 50% discount on solid wood furniture is common.
Is it true or is there another hidden feeling? Visiting a number of wood furniture stores in the shopping guide told reporters that this situation is actually "high standard low fold", put the price tag up, and then discount, in fact, the same. The top 100 furniture shopping guide also said that "buying solid wood furniture still depends on its actual value, can not only look at the discount, after all, the business is to look at the profit." For the discount of solid wood furniture, Xuan Mingdian pays the military and civilians also said that the discount should be considered To the company's own profits and the actual value of the product, there is also the issue of consumer mentality. In the purchase of solid wood furniture, consumers should also be based on its actual price and value, do not blindly believe in discounts.

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