What are the advantages and disadvantages of full polished glazed tiles?

With the advancement of science and technology, the materials of ceramic tiles have become more and more diverse. Nowadays, a new type of fully polished glazed ceramic tile has attracted much attention. Unlike ordinary polished tiles, it has long-lasting durability, maintains high light, does not dim, is hard and wearable, makes tiles brighter, and makes the house brighter and brighter when decorated. advantage. So what is a full polished glazed tile? What are the advantages and disadvantages of polished glazed tiles ? Do not worry, then let us understand what is the advantages and disadvantages of the whole glazed tiles and polished glazed tiles .

What is full polished glazed tiles

1 Introduction

Full-glazed glaze is a special formula glaze that can perform the polishing process in the glaze. It is the last glaze applied to the antique tiles. At present, it is generally a transparent surface glaze or a transparent convex glaze, applied to the whole glaze. The full polished glazed tiles combine the advantages of polished tiles and antique tiles. The glazed surfaces are smooth and bright like polished tiles. At the same time, the glazed designs are rich in patterns like rustic tiles, and the colors are heavy or beautiful.

Hemei full polished glaze is different from common polished tiles. The glaze on the surface is a special crystal wear glaze. The molecule is completely sealed after high temperature sintering, and there is almost no gap. It can be long-lasting to maintain high light, no darkness, and hard and wear-resistant. Mohs hardness of more than 6 degrees, the water absorption rate is less than 0.5%, more uniform, dense, stable and safe than natural stone materials.

2, production process

Full glazed glaze is underglazed and full glazed tiles are glazed tiles. Full-glazed glaze is a kind of special formula glaze that can carry out the polishing process in the glaze. Its blank body process is similar to the general glazed floor tile, the main difference is that it is printed after applying the bottom glaze, and then a layer of transparent The surface glaze, after firing, throws away the entire surface glaze, retaining part of the glaze layer, the printing layer, and the bottom glaze. The main goal of the full brick project is to replace the polished tiles.

The main advantages of the full glazed tile manufacturing process: full polished glazed tile body without high-quality raw materials, the surface layer as long as there is about 0.5-1mm glaze layer on it. The polished tile also requires 2-3mm fine material; the embossed tile pattern emulation is easy to do, and the cost is low. Full glazed tile production is more environmentally friendly, because the firing speed of the glaze layer is faster, and the energy consumption is lower. The energy consumption of polished glaze is lower than that of polishing and the output is also higher.

Advantages and disadvantages of fully polished glazed tiles

Advantages and Disadvantages of Full-glazed Glazed Tiles: Advantages of Full-glazed Glazed Tile

1. The fully polished glazed tile applied on the surface of the fully polished glazed tile is transparent and will not cover the underside glaze and flower glaze. When the glaze is cast, only the thin layer of transparent glaze is thrown away, and there is also a transparent convex flower. Glaze its convex glaze through the screen printing in the brick surface into a convex convex glaze, firing and then cast glaze, the effect of a unique style.

2, from the touch point of view, all polished glazed tile surface is smooth, soft, crystal clear and translucent, underglazed stone grain texture is clear and natural, and the upper transparent glaze fusion, like a layer of transparent crystal glaze film coverage, making the overall level more three-dimensional .

3, on the whole, the full polished glazed tile is a collection of polished tiles, antique tiles, tiles, the advantages of the three products, the product completely covered the glazed tiles matt dark light, solve the semi-brick bricks easily concealed defects, have The gloss of the polished tiles, the hardness of the porcelain, as well as the glazed high imitation effect of the antique tiles, and the rich glazed effect of the tiles.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Full Polished Glazed Tiles - Disadvantages of Full Polished Glaze

Full polished glazed brick is a new production process, which is constantly improving, so all aspects are not so perfect. Full-glazed tiles have a low wear coefficient, are easy to wear, and are exposed at the end. Moreover, the full-glazed tiles are not resistant to dirt and are easily dirty and difficult to clean.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of what is called full polished glazed tile and full polished glazed tile ? Here is a brief introduction to it. We hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

Full polished glazed tiles

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