Aluminum profile processing

Two years ago, the project team compared the stretch-bending forming technology with the roll-bending forming technology and analyzed the technological process of the stretch-bending forming technology. Due to the large number of drawing and bending processes and complicated processes; the high prices of drawing and bending equipment and drawing and bending dies, and the high investment cost of drawing and bending technology; the artificial influencing factors of sheet metal shaping are large and the quality is unstable; it requires more manpower and material resources to pull Factors such as bending and shaping cannot be overcome. The project team combined with the experience of rolling other aluminum alloys, and simply began the development of aluminum alloy large profile frame rings.

They used a simple steel plate bending machine to perform the bending experiment to verify the feasibility of the quenched profile bending, obtained some important structural parameters of the required bending machine, and obtained that the alloy composition can be optimized to ensure the strength of the material and improve the plasticity of the material Conclusion. After investigating the existing domestic bending machines, it was found that the tonnage is generally too small, and the structural design cannot meet the rolling production of large aluminum alloy profiles. After technical exchanges with related equipment manufacturers, a large-tonnage special design was jointly designed. Roll bending machine.

Conventional aluminum alloy materials have high strength but poor plasticity, and it is difficult to simmer and bend. In the joint exploration of Northwest Aluminum related professional technicians and the project team, by adjusting the alloying element ratio, the smelting casting and homogenization process are optimized to ensure The strength requirements and processing performance of the material are discussed. Once the material is available, the forming pressure is transferred to the simmering process.

How can the aluminum profile be oxidized to achieve the best polishing effect? I believe this is a very simple question for business owners and people in the industry for a long time in the glass window of the door is. In general, aluminum profile oxidation can be removed by anodizing, electrolytic polishing, and chemical polishing. The anodic oxidation method is mainly to allow electrolytic oxidation of aluminum. In this process, the surfaces of aluminum and aluminum alloys are usually converted into an oxide film, which has protective, decorative and some other functional characteristics. The electrolytic polishing method is actually a method of polishing the metal surface by using the principle of electrochemical anode dissolution. The chemical polishing is a method to eliminate the wear marks and etch and flatten by the selective dissolution of the uneven area of ​​the sample surface by the chemical etching effect of the chemical reagent.

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