Door handle installation height door handle installation notes

When we buy the door, we naturally will not miss the doorknob. What is the installation procedure of the doorknob ? Usually we do not have too much understanding, so today we will learn about the door handle installation related content.

Door handle installation door handle installation height is generally between 80-100cm, here refers to the door, and the door handle height from the ground is generally 110cm, of course, some anti-theft door handle height may be 113cm, but this is only a rough height Each family member has different heights and different door-opening habits. Therefore, the specific height of this doorknob should be set specifically.

Door handle installation in the design of the door handle height also includes the size of the shoe, and the average height of the shoes for men and women is not the same, these must be carefully considered.

Generally speaking, the door handle installation should be the most comfortable when the forearm is horizontal, because the forearm and wrist joints are only subjected to pull force, and there is no additional force for bending and twisting, which is mechanically the most economical, that is to say the right door handle The height should be the height of the elbow joint.

The door handle installation because the door is not tailored to a person, so the principle of determining this height is to make as many people comfortable, then look at the distribution density of the height of the elbow joints, the maximum distribution density should be selected Department. Generally, the 50th percentile can be selected because the body size is roughly normal. (Note that if it is a door frame design, you must select the maximum percentile, because the door frame has only the lowest limit, but no optimal value)

If the door handle installation is designed to be a Chinese door, to find the percentile size of all Chinese people, men and women must consider it comprehensively. If it is for home use, it is much simpler, as long as the height of the family members is taken into account. If the family members are generally higher, the height of the door handle should be higher than 110cm.

Regarding the installation of the door handle , I will introduce it to you in general. I hope to help you, and I would like to look forward to seeing more information on this site.

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