Wall material PK diatom mud advantages and disadvantages analysis

Diatom mud is popular as a new type of wall decoration material in the market, but many consumers who are used to traditional building materials do not understand that diatom mud is more prominent than wall decorative materials such as latex paint, wallpaper, and ceramic tile. What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages of diatom mud? In this issue, Xiaobian made a detailed comparison of the diatom mud and other wall decoration materials to understand the advantages and disadvantages of diatom mud.

I. Comparison of diatom mud with other wall decoration materials

There are many types of wall decoration materials on the market to choose from. Why do consumers choose diatom mud? This requires consumers to draw conclusions from diatom mud and other three major materials.

Diatom mud, latex paint, wallpaper, tile contrast
Diatom mud Latex paint wallpaper ceramic tile
raw material Diatomaceous earth, binding materials, organic additives, pigments, etc. Film forming materials, additives, fillers, pigments, solvents, etc. Paper, film, printing ink, etc. Clay, quartz sand, etc.
classification There are few classifications at present, and the products are mainly in powder form. The main products include ethylene-propylene emulsion paint, pure acrylic latex paint, styrene-acrylic latex paint and other varieties. Many types of products, mainly pure paper, PVC, non-woven fabrics, wallpapers, etc. Many types of products, mainly polished tiles, glazed tiles, tiles, mosaics, etc.
Exterior Natural and generous texture, strong sense of three-dimensional, color, pattern more single Rich and colorful, able to deploy a variety of colors Stylish and gorgeous, with rich colors and patterns A wide range of tricks, flexible paving methods, can create many special artistic effects
Features More functions: formaldehyde purification, mold and antibacterial, humidity control and other functions Some products have anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, fire prevention and other functions Some products have anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, fire prevention and other functions Product function is relatively single
Environmental protection Its own adsorption formaldehyde purification function, relatively good environmental protection VOC, free formaldehyde, heavy metals may exceed the standard Formaldehyde, heavy metals, vinyl chloride monomer may exceed the standard Radiation may exceed the standard
construction The construction process is more complicated, and the fabric processing requires higher processing The construction is complicated and the construction period is longer Faster construction Construction is more complicated and difficult to lay
Replacement (maintenance) Spray water on the wall and it will return to the mud state. Scoop down and add water to stir and reuse. Need to scrape off the wall, scrape and put the brush to finish Remove the old wallpaper, apply wallpaper glue to replace the new The replacement is very troublesome. It is necessary to shovel the tiles and re-apply the base layer before laying the tiles.

Through the comparison of four kinds of wall decoration materials, it can be seen that the diatom mud has great advantages in terms of functional properties compared with other materials, especially in terms of environmental protection, so there are elderly children or home environmental performance in the home It is better for families with high demands to choose diatom mud.

二、Diatom mud advantages

1, no dust

Does not contain any heavy metals, does not produce static electricity, dust is not easy to adhere, the wall is permanently fresh, diatom mud is not easy to produce static electricity, wall surface is not easy to dust;

2, natural environmental protection

The diatom mud wall material is composed of pure natural inorganic materials, free from harmful substances and harmful additives, and the material itself is a pure green environmental protection product. Its main component, diatomite, is widely used in cosmetic masks, beer food filters, etc.

3, timeless

Diatom mud can reach a service life of more than 30 years and will last a long time. The diatom mud has a service life of 20 to 50 years;

4, soft colors

Diatom mud is coloured with inorganic mineral pigments. When people live in a diatom mud-filled living room, the light reflected on the wall is natural and soft, and people are less prone to visual fatigue. This effectively protects the eyesight of you and your family, especially for protecting children's eyesight. At the same time, the color of the diatom mud wall is long-lasting. With the use of high-temperature coloring technology, it does not fade and the wall surface is as new as ever, increasing the life span of the wall surface, reducing the number of wall decoration, and saving the cost of the living room.

Third, diatom mud defects

1, not dirty, can not scrub

Most of the diatom mud is light and elegant. In families with children, it is easy to leave behind a variety of stains such as handprints and footprints that children play. Tiles or many wall paints are waterproof. The walls of homes are dirty and can be wiped directly with a wet rag. However, the structure of diatom mud itself is a nanometer honeycomb structure. Its adsorption is 300 times higher than that of activated carbon. Wipes may be adsorbed directly into the molecular structure and do not provide a cleaning effect. In addition diatom mud is "mud", because of nature can not be scrubbed with water, once the wall can not choose to scrub with water.

2, feel bad

Diatom mud is rough and bumpy, and it has no smooth and delicate paint. For those who like to feel smooth on the wall, diatom mud is a little inferior. This is determined by the nature of the diatom mud itself.

3, the color is not rich enough

Compared with the rich colors of the wallpaper, the active colors, and the varied shapes, the diatom mud texture pattern is monotonous and not rich enough. The history of the development of this diatom mud is related to the lack of time precipitation.

4, more expensive

The price of diatom mud compared with latex paints is relatively high, generally more than three hundred or four hundred yuan per square meter.

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