60 small apartment decoration Cheats small space can also create the ultimate beauty home

Although the space is small, it is fully-equipped, with everything in it, and the 60 square meters of small nests should be small and unobtrusive. However, 60 small apartment renovations are eye-catching. Small space can also create the ultimate home. Let's take a look at this superb little nest with 60 square meters, how it makes a beautiful space!

60 Small House Decoration Small Cheats

1, the overall tone is bright color

Bright tones are flexible and diffusive, giving people a spacious and bright illusion. Therefore, the home improvement design needs to be dominated by bright colors, especially for small units that are several tens of square meters.

2, light decoration

What is light decoration? It is the use of some light and easy-to-use furniture to rationalize the room. This kind of furniture is mainly based on its mobile function and storage function, not just its decorative role.

3, the magical lines

In general, smooth lines or lattices can play a good role in expanding space, thereby enhancing the sense of abstraction of the entire room. Therefore, the use of streamlined or abstract geometric patterns in home improvement design is of great benefit.

4, color wall

Color walls can highlight the three-dimensional effect and expand the space. Therefore, the use of brilliant colors can often expand the space and broaden the horizon, thus creating an illusion of open space.

Small space can also create the ultimate home

First of all, to give you a preliminary look at your own nest, the room can be seen very narrow, but the overall tone of the white seems to have a spatial effect, so that the entire space looks a little bigger. The blue curtains are very airy, the material of silk, and the cool feeling. The floor is made of solid wood, the texture is carved clearly, and there is a special feeling on the tread. The cabinets and other furniture are listed neatly.

Like this simple tone, the bed curtain is a light blue tone, the wall is a pure white tone, the wardrobe is a little thick, even a small table placed on the bed wall, the entire design is streamlined, like a natural harmony . Without a few complicated objects, it is still not beautiful.

Now you can clearly see the whole picture of the entire bedroom, especially like the ivory bed, which is the bed box bed that people rarely see. It can sleep on the top, and the bottom of the box grid drawer can be placed in a lot of In fact, this bed is specially chosen for the purpose of saving space.

In a simple living room, the layout is slightly crowded, but in fact it is because the original space is very small, but after such an arrangement, it still saves a lot of space. White cabinets, white square tables, dark blue sofas, black bookcases, furniture are all common tones and complement each other. Although the entire space is small, it is not very cluttered.

Slightly crowded bathroom.

Clean and tidy kitchen.

The above is the Cheats of 60 small apartment renovations and decoration cases. After reading the above articles, did you have more confidence in the decoration of small houses? For more information on small apartment renovation, please continue to pay attention to information on this website.

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