Real-time monitoring of aviation logistics under the current satellite ADS-B launch success [Full text]

On the 10th, a public reported to the police in Sabah, Malaysia, that his nephew had found a wreckage on the island of Tavetta Vessel in the Philippines, and he saw that there was a skeleton in the cabin of the cabin pilot and he was still wearing a seat belt. Discover a Malaysian flag. The Malaysian Chief Sergeant Khalid stated on the 12th that the Philippine authorities confirmed after investigation that he did not find any suspected Ma Hang MH370 wreckage on the southern island of the country.

Real-time monitoring of aviation logistics under the current satellite ADS-B launch

More than a year has passed since the MAS lost its link. There are still many mysteries about the specific circumstances of the loss. Fortunately, recently, the National Academy of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China Academy of Aeronautics Science and Engineering, has successfully launched the satellite "Luliang-1" satellite ADS-B, the main star of the "Tento III" micro-nano satellite. Experts pointed out that there is a satellite ADS. The -B system can effectively avoid such incidents as the loss of Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia, and it can also analyze and extract information that has potential value for air traffic control, logistics monitoring, and the economic situation from its mass data.

On October 12th, the National Institute of Aerospace Science and Engineering of the National University of Defense Technology stated that the host “Luliang-1” on-board the ADS-B (airborne target automatic identification signal) receiving system of the “Star-III” micro-nano satellite successfully achieved global success. The quasi-real-time target monitoring of range aviation targets, air traffic measurement, and received message data can provide information services for aviation safety, route optimization, aviation control, and aviation efficiency improvement. This marks the successful completion of the first domestic satellite-borne aviation target automatic signal recognition test.

ADS-B is a monitoring device that automatically receives information such as its own position, heading, and speed from aircraft. It can realize mutual reporting and monitoring between air and space, so as to facilitate mutual identification, maintain safety clearance and ground command and dispatch. The traditional ADS-B monitoring equipment is generally installed only in aircraft and airports, and has limited coverage. It can only obtain aviation target identification signals in the airspace surrounding the aircraft and the airport. Although satellite-borne ADS-B covers a wide range of signals, it is affected by factors such as long range, high dynamics, and special space environment. It requires high sensitivity and stability, and it is difficult to implement the technology. At present, there are only a few countries such as Germany and Denmark in the world. Launched on-orbit reception test of spaceborne ADS-B system.

The micro-nano satellite technology innovation team of the school broke through the generalized multi-layer micro-nano satellite architecture and global sea-air dynamic target measurement and signal reception in the development of the “Tiantuo III” main star and its on-board ADS-B system. A series of key technologies such as multidimensional information acquisition and fusion processing make the spaceborne ADS-B system highly sensitive, stable in operation, large in data storage, light in weight, low in power consumption, and high in cost-effectiveness, and its technical performance. It has reached the international advanced level and has effectively improved China's practical micro-nano satellite research and development capabilities.

According to reports, "Tian Tuo No. 3" has been launched from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center on September 20, and the main star "Luliang No. 1" receives an average of more than 400,000 ADS-B messages on a daily basis. 2,000 km. From each message, the aircraft type, code, location, speed, altitude and route information of the aviation target can be identified. The data is clear, and the route and density are clear at a glance. At present, "Luliang No.1" is in good orbit, ADS-B message data is received stably, and the system has realized business operations. It is currently conducting aerospace signal service according to the needs of relevant users.

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