What precautions should be paid attention to new home inspection: 9 new house acceptance notes need to be kept in mind

Acceptance of new houses is a link that many owners have neglected. The acceptance of new houses is of utmost importance. Do not neglect the simple and necessary acceptance of the entire room because you are too happy with the new house keys or for other reasons. Because the acceptance of a new house directly influences whether or not the house decoration after you can be carried out smoothly and with high quality, it is necessary to pay special attention when checking the house. So, what should you pay attention to when you check your new home ? Here I come to explain in detail for everyone, then, the new home inspection room need to pay attention to what the relevant knowledge.

New home inspection room need to pay attention to what

1, new house acceptance depends on the wall

Do not know when to start, see the wall turned out to be the primary issue of housing acceptance. In fact, even houses built in the 1980s are not as fragile as current houses. I have seen the most serious house. The window has found water seepage on a rainy day. When I asked it, I realized that all the walls under the windows of the entire building had water seepage. When the typhoon approached, it was even more alarming. What was even more astonishing was that this building was built by the Land and Resources Bureau of a district and it was terrible. Therefore, the acceptance of this, it is best to visit the house on the second day of heavy rain before the house is turned over. If there is a problem with the wall at this time, it is almost insignificant. In addition to the seepage of water in the walls, there is a problem that the wall is cracked. A friend once reflected that his family had a crack in a door shape. Later, he asked the developer to know that it was originally an elevator freight port left behind during construction. Later, when it was sealed up, it was handled in a sloppy manner to stay in trouble.

2, new housing acceptance to verify hydropower

The first is to check if the house's hydropower is on. Of course, for some high-end renovations, most of the hydropower will be replaced in the later period, so sometimes these are not critical, but if you do not plan to replace water and electricity, then these things must be carefully accepted. Check the wire, in addition to see if there is electricity, the main thing is to see if the wire meets the quality of the national standard. Then the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire meets the requirements. In general, the wires in the home should not be less than 2.5 square meters, and the air-conditioning line should reach 4 squares. Otherwise, when the air conditioner is used, it is easy to overheat and soften.

3, new housing acceptance inspection waterproof

The waterproof mentioned here refers to the waterproof of the kitchen and toilet. Of course, some of the houses that are currently delivered have already declared that they have not done waterproofing. This requires renovation. If waterproofing is already done at the time of delivery, we have to verify whether the waterproofing is done well. If you don't try it before the renovation, then if you find something leaking when you finish it, then the maintenance project will be big. You have to remove the floor that has been renovated to make a new waterproof layer. The method of acceptance of waterproofing is: using cement mortar as a door to block the toilet, and then cover it with a plastic bag, then put it in a solid state, and then put the water in the toilet, shallow (about 2cm high) ). Afterwards, the owners who are downstairs are expected to check the ceiling of their home toilet after 24 hours.


4, new housing acceptance inspection pipeline

The pipe referred to here refers to a drainage/pollution pipe. Utah is a sewage outlet such as a balcony. When it is accepted, take a water-filled appliance in advance and pour water into the outlet. See if the water is flowing smoothly. Why do you want to accept this? Because during construction, some workers often “stolen” this work when cleaning. Put some cement residue into the drain and run away. If the cement is more viscous, it will clog at the elbow and cause drainage difficulties. There is another situation, but it is not related to acceptance. That is to look at whether the sewage pipe has water storage deodorant elbow. According to experience, if the sewage pipe does not contain water and deodorant elbow, then the overall quality of the house will have to hit 12 points. Why do the sewage pipes need such elbows, because the elbows will store water so that the smell from the lower pipes will be blocked under this layer. Without an elbow, the laundry outlets and toilet drains emit a odor. There may be developers who think that the use of anti-odor floor drains will work. The practice of the project has proved that the deodorant floor drain is far from meeting actual needs. And because of this small place, it is often best to reflect the construction quality of the builders.

5, new home inspection to verify the ground level

The experiment received this, for the general user is a certain degree of difficulty. Ground leveling is the measurement of the horizontal error between the floor and the ground in the doorway that is furthest away from the entrance. Examine this, many times can also reflect the developer's construction quality. Because as the owner, it is impossible to accept the main structure. Then we can only look at the quality from these details. The method of measurement If you do not bother, then the method is quite simple. Go to the hardware store to buy a small transparent water pipe, about 20 meters in length, and then fill it with water. First draw a sign 0.5 meters or 1 meter off the ground at the door. Then adjust the level of the water pipe to the height of this sign and find someone to fix it in this position. Then move the other end of the hose to the room furthest from the door. Then look at the height of the water pipe at the place, and then make another sign. Then use a ruler to measure how high this mark is off the ground. The difference in these two levels is the difference in the level of the house. You can also use this method to analogically measure the level difference in the entire house. In general, if the difference is about 2 cm is normal, 3 cm is in an acceptable category. If you go out of this range, you have to pay attention. I have seen the worst level difference reach 7cm. After the measurement, I thought I was measuring wrong.

6, the new house acceptance inspection

If your contract has this one clause. Then you should measure the height of the building. The method is very simple. Measure the inside corner of the two walls of the wall. You should measure multiple places in the house. In general, about 2.65 meters is the accepted range. If the house is less than 2.6 meters, the house has to be considered. This kind of house will make you have to live in a depressing environment in the future. Doing short heights is a very effective cost-saving method for developers. 1) Reduce the total weight, so that the cost of the basic part can be saved. 2) Although it was only reduced by about 10 centimeters, overall, the cost savings are also many, and Utah is still developing a residential area for development. 3) At a certain height, lowering the floor height can create more layers.

7, the new house inspection to check the doors and windows

Here is the acceptance window. The key point of acceptance is the sealing of the acceptance window and the balcony door. The most troublesome aspect of the window's sealability acceptance is that it can only be tried and tested in heavy rain. However, it can generally be confirmed by checking whether the sealant tape is intact and firm. The balcony door generally depends on the level difference between the interior and exterior of the balcony door. I have seen a situation where the level of the balcony is the same as the level of the interior, so that it is difficult to avoid the problem of rain infiltration in heavy rain.


8. Other items

In fact, in addition to the above items, other acceptances require more professional knowledge. You may wish to bring a friend who is familiar with the project to check the house. This is the only possible thing. In addition, you can only rely on the quality of the quality inspection part.

What taxes to pay for buying a new home

1, deed tax: a purchase of 90 square meters below 1%, 90-144 flat 1.5%, 144 or more 3%; secondary purchases are 3%, regardless of area.

2, maintenance funds: refers to the commodity housing and public housing sold after the establishment of a special project for the common use of residential areas, shared facilities after the expiration of the warranty repair, update, transformation of the fund.

3. Registration fee: The fee is divided into housing and non-housing. The housing registration fee is 80 yuan per piece; the non-housing house registration fee is 550 yuan per piece.

4. Stamp tax is a category of taxes and fees collected for contracts or contracts that are of a contractual nature, property transfer books, business books, rights, license photos, and other vouchers that are determined by the Ministry of Finance to be taxed.

Editor's summary: The above is the content of the new home inspection room need to pay attention to what is introduced, new house inspection is like giving the house a comprehensive physical examination, only the qualified physical examination of the house can be used officially, so how to check the new house is particularly important. Acceptance of new houses requires inspection of walls, hydropower, pipelines, doors and windows, and equal ground content. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the acceptance of the house.

New House Acceptance Notice Waterproof Acceptance Wall Acceptance Doors and Windows Acceptance Acceptance Ground Acceptance

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