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More and more families are living in villas and penthouses, and the stairs have become major projects for renovation. Among the villas and duplex houses, the staircase is the focus of decoration. It is not only an important channel connecting the upstairs and downstairs, but also a highlight of the display style and owner's personality. A good staircase is not just a walkway upstairs and downstairs. It is like a well-designed entrance and will be the first visual focus for guests entering the room. Good double staircase price a lot of money, material and style staircase in quietly changing. Duplex staircase price ? For this problem, the different ways of calculating the price of different stairs are different. The following is the list for everyone.

The space determines the design of the stairs. Commonly there are straight running, curved ladders and stairs with platforms. The stairs need more space. If your house is an ordinary duplex structure, then use a run-around or spiral ladder. The smallest spiral ladder only occupies a space of 1.2 meters in diameter.

Before choosing a price, you first need to understand the current algorithm for the price of the stairs on the market. The price of the stairs now has the following three algorithms:

One, according to the set price

As the current domestic commercial houses and villas have basically the same specifications, that is, the height of the double structure (the height of one floor to the second floor) is generally between 2.7 and 3 meters, and the villa is between 2.8 and 3.2, so the stair manufacturer presses This specification is designed with a fixed staircase. It is quoted on a complete set of stairs. If the customer has special requirements or changes, it can be adjusted accordingly.

Second, according to step pricing

This is currently the most common practice in China. The price of the stairs is averaged at each step. Your stairs are a few steps away. Then the final price is the step price unit times the number of steps.

Third, according to the single price

This is a popular practice for foreign stair manufacturers, that is, according to all parts of the stairs offer, quotes are very detailed, including general columns, columns, columns, railings, handrails, pedals, vertical plates, stigmas, column tail, connecting pieces and even small The expansion screws are priced separately. In China, this practice is less.

Duplex stair decoration

A classic little penthouse needs to satisfy the visual impact of young people's favorite, but not too sharp, but also practical, so in the color choice of contrasting colors, the use of a large number of materials on the mirror harmony, every small space, each A small decoration is the soul of this large space.

1. Straight ladders are now rare, because they take up too much space.

2, arc ladder, there are still some duplex houses with this design, but this method is only suitable for large apartment duplex room.

3, folding ladder, most small duplex rooms are chosen this way.

4, rotary ladder, another variant of the ladder.

5. The slope of the stairs should not be too large. Not only should the elderly and children be taken into account, but ordinary adults need special attention in the coming year.

6, the high wear parts of the stairs should use a solid material as well.

7. The width of the stair railings should be large or small, and the possibility of children's colleting should be considered. Either the child's head does not go in or it is free to widen.

8. When there is a stairway with crevices, consider the manner in which a woman wears a skirt to avoid the appearance of embarrassment.

Small duplex floor decoration note:

When it comes to double-style decoration, first of all, it is also necessary to take into account the issue of space zoning. Most of the penthouses are selected from the lower layers for living, eating, bathing, and cooking, while the upper floors are for rest and sleep. There are many wall cabinets and stairs in the house, and the middle floor is the upper floor.

Small apartment complex floor decoration, that is, ordinary residential is divided into upstairs and downstairs to use two floors. Households can enter and exit the upstairs bedroom without going through the living room. They will use the upstairs as a place for rest and downstairs as a place for activities, which will enhance their privacy. The main feature of the duplex building is the increase in land utilization. In order to minimize the development costs, a reasonable design of a small double-style decoration can make the room and people's living behavior to be a perfect match.

Due to the small double-bedded area, it is not as complicated as a large duplex in a small one. However, they also have common features. For example, both have upper and lower floors, and therefore good functions are also required in terms of wiring and water pipes. Covert.

Editing summary: The above is related to the information on the price of the small double staircase and the decoration of the multi-story staircase. It is for reference only and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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