When is the best wallpaper for indoor wallpaper?

Nowadays, people's requirements for the comfort and taste of the living environment are also rising. Because wallpapers are crack-proof, scrub-resistant features are favored by everyone, and home decoration processes are numerous and the details are particularly special. Here we introduce to you. When the interior wallpaper pastes the best and 6 teaches you to wallpaper.

When is the best wallpaper indoors?

First of all, it is necessary to look at the weather conditions in the past week. It is best not to look for the rainy season or wet weather. Cool spots and drying time are most suitable. No matter how many months, we must choose a season where air is dry and there is little rain, otherwise the wallpaper will not be glued and it will be easy to mold and discolor. The new house is best to wait for the wall to dry and paste the wallpaper, otherwise the putty does not penetrate the wall tightly, after affixing the wallpaper even more unable to dry, a long time putty has become a slag-like, and of course, the wallpaper can not hang.

Before wallpapering, first sweep the wall, because there are some white surface, and then paste the wallpaper, and before the wallpaper is attached, you must first brush a layer of base film on the wall. The role of the base film is to prevent moisture and protect the wall surface. Do not break the wall when changing the wallpaper later.

6 teach yourself to wallpaper:

1: The first thing to do when you are wallpapering is to scrape the wall with a scraper, clean the peeled wall, then remove the dirt on the wall and keep the wall clean.

2: After the wall surface is clean and smooth, we must use a scraper to evenly draw a groove mark on the wall. The groove marks can be quickly penetrated into the wall surface.

3: After the groove marks penetrated by the auxiliary wallpaper agent on the wall are fixed, it is possible to start applying the wallpaper agent on the surface of the wall surface. When applying the wallpaper agent, it is necessary to pay attention to applying evenly.

4: After the wallpaper has evenly applied to the wall, it needs to wait about five minutes before it can be wallpapered. During this time we can prepare the wallpaper and cut the wallpaper according to the actual size of the wall.

5: After the wallpaper is cut, it can be pasted on the wall. We must pay attention to the best stickers from the top to the bottom when we paste the wallpaper. Also pay attention to the corner of the place must be affixed firmly, do not have gaps.

6: When there is inevitability of blistering during wallpapering, if the blistering is not eliminated in time, it will easily cause the wallpaper to fall off. We just use the needle to puncture the wallpaper with bubbles and then we can level the wallpaper. That's it.

Wallpaper paste details to note:

1. First of all, we should pay attention to whether the wall is damp or not. This point has also been said above. We must choose dry weather to stick wallpapers. This is to prevent the dampness of the wall surface. On the other hand, it is also to dry the wallpaper glue as soon as possible. If you find that the wall is damp, be sure to wait until the wall is dry before you apply the wallpaper. Otherwise, there may be blistering on the wall!

2, hot weather attention glue quality. Summer heat, but in high temperature environment, the glue can easily volatilize harmful gases. Therefore, the renovation of houses in the summer is a high-risk period of pollution. Therefore, in the summer wallpapering notice, it must be noted that the adhesive quality of the summer wallpaper must pass through, otherwise it may lead to the emission of harmful gases, thereby affecting the room environment and human health. The glue purchased must be a safe and environmentally friendly product through national quality inspection

3, cracking the wallpaper corner to ask professionals to repair. Some summer decorators find that their wallpapers are curled up soon after they are affixed, so they are in a hurry. In fact, there are hints for this point in summer wallpapering. Due to the high temperature in summer and dry weather, the wall is also very dry, and the glue is easily absorbed, leading to cracking of corners. This is a normal phenomenon, but be sure to promptly ask a professional to repair it.

Editor's summary: when the best wallpaper for indoor wallpapers and 6 strokes to teach yourself to wallpaper is introduced here, you want your own hands-on friends, we must pay more attention to the knowledge of wallpaper, otherwise, in the absence of experience , time-consuming and laborious, not necessarily satisfy yourself! For more information, please follow this site.

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