Buy air conditioners in the off-season to do homework, celebrities should complain about what you need to pay attention to

Celebrity Home Furniture Newsletter Many small partners feel that buying air conditioners is actually very simple. If you look at it, you can buy it. The difference is not big. You can't see five or six. But in fact, we can't see it. We still have to choose well. From brand to price to product characteristics, we must do our homework when we start air conditioning in the off-season.


Purchase and purchase

During the holidays, the variety of promotional outlets on the store is a dazzling one. It is important that we choose how to shop according to our needs.


If you are looking for affordable and low prices, then after you decide to purchase, you must implement the gifts with the promoters. You can do more. The stores and merchants will have a lot of gifts during the holidays. Don't be afraid of trouble, don't be afraid. , bold and promoters ask for it.

Look at energy saving (change and change)
At present, the air conditioners on the store are energy-saving products, so you only need to pay attention to them when you buy them. It is important to choose to buy inverters or fixed-frequency air conditioners. Of course, this depends on individual needs and budget to determine the purchase direction.

Is the function really important?

The functions of air conditioning in the store are all kinds of different. Many consumers feel that they don't know how to choose. In fact, they can be allocated on demand and purchased for their own use.


Installed in acceptance

First, look at the specific model of the product. When unpacking, be sure to carefully check whether the model on the ticket at the time of purchase matches the model of the door-to-door product. If it is completely correct, you can unpack it.

Second, look at the appearance. Look at the appearance of the product, such as scratches and other details. If it is a refrigerator washing machine, it depends on whether the surface is bumped, bumps, etc., and the staff can leave after confirmation.

Finally, of course, the operation of home appliances when first used. Air-conditioning products must be aware of it, look at the noise value of air-conditioning and cooling is too large, is beyond the normal range, if there is an abnormal sound, you should contact the manufacturer for after-sales adjustment, and the air conditioner should be installed. It is necessary to debug the staff to leave, do not start the next time, the air conditioner is not working properly.

The above is the information about buying air conditioners in the off-season. For more information on furniture, please pay attention to celebrity furniture.

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