How about a zero-pressure mattress? Meijiale Furniture analyzes the zero pressure mattress for you

Meijiale Furniture Mattress Newsletter Zero-pressure mattress is a new type of mattress material. Because it can be considered as aristocratic mattress material because of its intelligent temperature and pressure, most consumers know less about zero-pressure mattresses. Today, Xiaobian is from the origin of zero-pressure mattress material and the characteristics of zero-pressure mattress material and the advantages of zero-pressure mattress. Let’s talk about the zero-pressure mattress for your reference.


Zero-pressure mattress - material origin Zero-pressure mattress material is born for the dream of human space. It is specially developed by NASA to cushion the astronauts' tremendous pressure during lifting. It is recognized as intelligent temperature sensing pressure. Aristocratic material. The birth of zero-pressure mattress material is a technological leap in the history of manned space, which is now widely used in civilian life.
The zero-pressure mattress material is an open and regular mesh structure. It has strong air permeability and can store the shape of the object in it. When it is subjected to human body pressure and body temperature, it will automatically soften and allow the body to be embedded and fixed. Close to the S-shaped body, evenly support the body weight, effectively reduce the body pressure to zero pressure, counteract the reaction, and completely relax the shoulder and neck waist to improve sleep.
The material of the zero-pressure mattress has passed the safety test of domestic and international testing institutions, which proves that the use is safe and environmentally friendly.

After more than 23,000 clinical trials in Sweden for 8 years, it was confirmed that the zero-pressure mattress material has the effect of preventing spinal curvature, relieving cervical discomfort, promoting blood circulation, reducing the number of turns, and thus entering deep sleep.

Zero-pressure mattress - material characteristics 1, absorb the impact, feel like floating on the water or the cloud when the pillow is on the surface, the skin feels no pressure; also known as zero pressure, sometimes we will use the compression ear when using the usual pillow The phenomenon of the profile, but this will not happen with a slow rebound pillow.
2, memory deformation, automatic shaping ability can fix the skull, reduce the possibility of stiff neck; automatic shaping ability can properly fill the shoulder space, avoid the common problem of leakage of the shoulder at the socket, can effectively prevent cervical problems.
3, anti-bacterial and anti-caries, slow rebound sponge inhibit mold growth, repel the irritating odor caused by mold growth, when there is sweaty saliva, etc., it is more prominent.

4, breathable moisture absorption, because each cell unit is connected to each other, moisture absorption performance is excellent, but also breathable

Zero-pressure mattress - the heat-sensitive performance of the superior zero-pressure cotton mattress effectively relieves the supporting pressure and evenly supports the body, greatly improving sleep comfort and quality. The zero-pressure mattress provides the correct support and fits perfectly on a zero-pressure memory mattress in any sleeping position.
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