There is so much attention to the location of the hinge installation?

Door and window hardware according to its use functions are: hinges, door closers, positioners, locks, handles and handles, curtain rails and windshield at the bottom of the door. Hinge (hinge) is a commonly used hardware accessory in home decoration. It has a wide variety of accessories. The following is a description of the installation position of different doors.

Pipe door hinge installation position

The hinge of the pipe has a spring device, which is mainly used for the connection above the door panel of the furniture. The thickness of the hinge is 16 to 20 mm. The material is selected by zinc alloy, galvanized iron, and screws. Door hinge mounting position. The thickness and height can be adjusted from left to right and up and down. So what is the type of door hinge installation for this type of pipe? It is best to have a hinge on each side of the door, one third of the door. This type of door hinge mounting position is also the most common installation method today, and the force point is relatively uniform.

Ordinary door hinge installation position

Ordinary hinges are the most common type and are also widely used in the home range. Nowadays, the door hinges are also becoming more and more refined, and the technology is becoming more and more exquisite. Presumably, the previous hinges, the current variety of ordinary hinge materials will also create a different role. Therefore, what is the installation position of the ordinary door hinge? When it is installed at different positions, the force point will also be affected. Generally, the installation position of the common door hinge is about one quarter of the door, so that the force can be evenly distributed. It also does not affect the switch of the door and daily use.

Door hinge installation position standard

Different doors also have different heights and thicknesses, so they must be changed at the door hinge mounting position. Therefore, there is no standard for the installation position of the door hinges, which is carried out with most of the installation methods of the market. For example, the door is 2 meters high. When installing the hinge, the upper side is 18 cm away from the door, and the lower 20 cm below the ground is the best door hinge installation position. If it is a normal door, it is necessary to refer to the other door hinge installation positions in the room to achieve a perfect uniform and beautiful decorative effect, so that each door will make the force point uniform because of the hinge installation. Welcome to pay attention to the door industry vision.

Gate hinge installation position

The door hinge installation position can be regarded as the hinge installation of the home entrance and exit door. If it is the door hinge installation position, then the hinges should be of good quality and excellent performance. From the current market point of view, this hinge suitable for the gate is generally dominated by copper bearing hinges. And the style is also quite generous, the price is very moderate, and also equipped with a screw device. So what is the position of the hinge door installation? You can install a hinge at each of the upper and lower points of the door. The two hinges occupy the upper and lower third positions, and the other is installed at a certain position on the upper hinge.

Other door hinge installation locations

In addition to the above-mentioned door hinge mounting position, there are many other ways to install the door hinges, and there are many other door hinges, such as door hinges, table hinges, glass hinges, and so on. Glass hinges are suitable for installation on glass doors without frames, and the thickness of glass doors must not exceed 5 mm or 6 mm. If these other hinges cannot find the door hinge installation position, you may wish to use the above-mentioned door hinge installation positions. For these hinges, it is also possible. The most important thing is to consider whether the door is stressed. Evenly.

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