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With the development of science and technology, nowadays traditional mechanical security doors are replaced by fingerprint security doors. With fingerprints, everyone knows that each person's fingerprint is not the same, unique, and cannot be duplicated. It is also the most secure lock in all security doors currently. Species. The following small series for everyone to introduce home security door fingerprint password lock and home security door fingerprint password lock manufacturers.

Home security door fingerprint code lock advantage

1, security

Fingerprint anti-theft door is very safe, because the fingerprint is unique, and the fingerprint lock can not be copied. It is very safe and high security performance.

2. Convenience

When you go out, don't worry about forgetting to bring your keys. Just use a light fingerprint to open the door. It's very convenient, and one can enter the fingerprints of different fingers. Touching and unlocking is very convenient.

3, fashion

Fingerprint technology represents the development of the era. Using fingerprints to unlock a stylish, high-end feel. On the surface workmanship, many processes such as gold plating, copper, and chromium are used. have. Sweden FPC fingerprint collector, smart anti-peep, the United States original DSP chip, popular in the market.

Home security door fingerprint password lock manufacturers

1, Long Ruide Technology

Long Rui De Technology is a professional manufacturer of security door manufacturers, the main products are electronic anti-theft locks, electronic door signs, fingerprint password locks and a series of products, and the production of anti-theft door style specifications varied, complete series, reasonable price, is widely Used in hotels, apartments, hotels and other places.

2. Bentley Intelligent Technology

Founded in 2005, Bentley Smart Technology is a company dedicated to the research of password security doors and provides professional password lock security doors for homes, hotels, and other places. And the security doors produced by Bentley Intelligent Technology are of reliable quality. Whether it is from technology or sales, people are given a humanized design that satisfies customers and allows consumers to rest assured.

3, Asia-Pacific Tianneng

The products produced by Asia-Pacific Tianneng mainly include fingerprint identification, password identification and non-contact identification. The main products are for families. At present, Asia-Pacific Tianneng’s share in the fingerprint lock market in China is about 3%.

Editor's summary: The advantages of home security door fingerprint password lock and home security door fingerprint password lock manufacturers are introduced here, and hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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