How often do the filter elements on the water purifier change?

Nowadays, many consumers are entangled in whether or not to install a water purifier. They don’t know how long it takes to replace the filter cartridge... There are various problems with the use of water purifiers that plague consumers. Let's talk to you about the water purifier today. You have to know about the water purifier.

How long does the water purifier filter change?

The first thing to tell everyone is that the water purifier is not once and for all. If you don't change the filter element on time, not only will it not be able to clean the water, it may also cause secondary pollution of the water source, which will not be worth the loss. In order for the water purifier to play its role better, the filter replacement must be replaced on time.

First of all, first calculate the cost of a water purifier replacement filter:

Filter usage cost statistics

In this way, some consumers may think that the water purifier is cheaper at the same time. It is better to drink bottled water. Let's talk about the barreled water account:

At present, the price of bottled water is around 20 yuan per barrel. Generally, a family of three only drinks an average of one barrel of water per week. Therefore, the annual water cost of using bottled water is 20*52=1040 yuan. If you use the bottled water in accordance with the water purifier water purification method, the water consumption will increase by about 50%, so the cost of using bottled water for one year will be more than 1560.

I don’t know if I’m scared, the cost of bottled water is at least 1,000 yuan a year, and the cost of water purifier is more than 300 yuan! Heaven! Earth! Drinking water is so expensive, let’s not let it People are alive.

From the perspective of cost, the cost of water purifiers is actually much lower than that of bottled water. Some people say that I will not change the water purifier filter. I will install a water purifier for a lifetime. If there is such a stubborn idea, I advise you to remove the water purifier. Don't insult the water purifier. The following old editor will introduce to you the dangers of not replacing the water purifier. First of all, please take a look at the comparison before and after the use of the filter.

Filter before and after comparison

Filter before and after comparison

From the surface, the water purifier filter that can be replaced is scary enough. If the PP cotton filter and the activated carbon filter are not replaced on time, the life of the rear RO membrane will be reduced. After the RO membrane fails, the water purifier is essentially gone. The purification effect, not only the PP cotton filter and the material intercepted in the activated carbon filter will continue to pollute the water continuously.

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