Dream garden-like outdoor decoration is not a dream, Hanmas uses ice orchid stone to help you build

Hanmas Furniture News With the improvement of economic life, people have more research on the decoration of their home environment, in addition to the higher requirements for the decoration of their home environment. Not only that, but the government also puts more financial funds into urban construction every year, and the proportion of garden decoration is a considerable part. In the garden decoration, ice orchid granite is one of the most important decoration materials. Next, we will briefly introduce its definition, advantages, characteristics, and market price. Come and see it.


What is ice flower orchid stone:

Ice orchid is a kind of granite, also known as gray diamond, ice blue, Asian and African blue, small blue diamond, the English name of ice orchid

The crystal of ice orchid is shaped like ice flower, and the color is mostly dark blue. According to the difference in color, the ice orchid is divided into three types: light blue, dark blue and black ice.

1. Advantages:

The structure of the ice orchid is dense, the texture is hard, and it has the characteristics of alkali resistance, cold resistance and weather resistance. Therefore, the ice orchid is very suitable for long-term outdoor use.

2. Features:

The characteristics of ice orchid include high load bearing capacity, strong pressure resistance and high wear resistance. It also has very good ductility. Not only that, the ice orchid stone is very easy to cut, so the shape of the ice orchid is easy to shape, and the form is various in the decoration, and the personalization is very strong. In the decoration, you can create the pattern you want according to different decoration ideas and decoration styles. Ice orchids can be used to shape thin plates, large plates, and so on.


3. Scope of application:
Granite such as ice orchid can be used for steps, floors, pedestals, steps, cornices, etc., ice orchids are often used in outdoor decoration, such as outdoor wall, floor, cylinder decoration. Most of the ice orchids on the market today are produced in Sichuan.

4. Price:

1, Chongqing factory direct supply of blue granite sheet ice orchid, curtain wall engineering decoration stone, price: 170 / square meter.

2, Fujian Nan'an Zhongsheng Stone Co., Ltd. Ice Flower, price: 260 yuan / square meter.

3, Guangzhou Jingyi Stone Co., Ltd. ice orchid, price: 100 yuan / square meter.

The price of ice orchids in different merchants, regions and grades will vary, and some prices are for reference only.
The decoration made with the ice orchid has a fresh and elegant style and a strong three-dimensional style. Since the listing of the ice orchid stone, it has been sought after by consumers and quickly occupied market share. The stone of the ice orchid is similar to the leopard skin flower, so the radioactivity of the ice orchid is in line with the Class A requirements of the decorative stone of the national building materials. It is a particularly good building material.

The above is the information about the ice orchid stone. For more information about furniture, please pay attention to Hanmasi furniture.

Source: Hanmas Furniture

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