Titan Madi tells you what the restaurant has to buy restaurant furniture

Titanium Madi Furniture News News Restaurant furniture has developed to the present, not only a restaurant furniture we used when dining, but also a good table will bring us a very happy mood, so what are the restaurant homes? ? Let's take a look at the Titan Madi furniture .

 钛马迪告诉你餐厅家具有哪些 如何选购餐厅家具

First, what are the restaurant furniture?

1. Restaurant furniture refers to the appliances used in daily life and social activities of human beings to have functions such as sitting, leaning, and eating.

2, restaurant furniture mainly includes: dining table, dining chair, deck, sofa, bar stool, bar table, turntable, dining cabinet, wine cabinet,beibei chair, garbage cabinet.

3, restaurant furniture can be divided according to industry classification: Chinese restaurant furniture, Western restaurant furniture, coffee shop furniture, tea house furniture, fast food restaurant furniture, restaurant dining tables and chairs.

 钛马迪告诉你餐厅家具有哪些 如何选购餐厅家具

Second, how to buy furniture for the restaurant

1, dining table

The restaurant is an area where family life is frequent. The modern restaurant furniture also caters to the needs of modern families from the different materials and styles. The countertops of the furniture of the restaurant are usually divided into glass countertops, wooden countertops or high-grade stone countertops. Ordinary glass or tempered glass, curved glass dining room furniture with metal or wooden dining chairs, and the simple and bright decoration style of the home environment is suitable. The restaurant furniture on the wooden or stone countertops is solemn and elegant.
When purchasing a table, you can choose according to the overall style of the room. If the room is luxuriously decorated, the table should be selected according to the style, such as the classical style of European style; if the style of the room is simple, you can consider purchasing a simple and generous style of glass countertops. In addition, the old dining table does not have to be lost. In today's trend of natural style, if you have a solid wood dining table, you can move it into your new home, just put a piece of color and decoration on the tablecloth. Another elegant.

 钛马迪告诉你餐厅家具有哪些 如何选购餐厅家具

2, dining chair

When purchasing a dining chair, it depends on whether it is ergonomically designed. It is better to sit on the dining chair and feel comfortable. The arm can be placed naturally on the table. Then it is necessary to look at the solidity of the tables and chairs, especially the frequent use of the dining chair. When purchasing, pay attention to the materials and splicing of the chair. Generally speaking, the traditional squat structure is more difficult. Then the dining chair using wood such as eucalyptus and eucalyptus is firmer. In addition to trying to sit and feel whether the chair is shaking and unstable, it can also be judged by observing the traces of the legs and the repair of the cracks. The legs and the support parts of the dining chair cannot be used with materials with shackles and cracks. Otherwise, Will seriously affect the service life.

The above is the information about restaurant furniture, want to know more furniture information, please pay attention to titanium Madi furniture

Source: Titanium Madi Furniture

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