Consumer machine use FAQ records

Consumer Machine News January 3: Consumer machine workers solve some problems and record them as follows for easy circulation.
Q: The employee card has been issued and recharged, and the necessary settings have been made for the consumption machine according to the user's manual. Why can the credit card issue on the consumer machine indicate ER-05?
A: Please check whether the card held by the employee is within the range of the unit permitted by the window machine. Run the management software to enter the “Unit code” of the device management → device parameter to set the unit that the current window machine allows.
3. Q: Why is the use of software to collect data for invalid records or an abnormal record?
Answer: 1) An error record is indicated, indicating that the date of the existence of the consumer record in the database is earlier than the date of issuance of the card or greater than the current computer date. Please go to the exception record management to adjust the date of the exception record. 2) When an invalid record is indicated, the card information does not exist in the database.
4, Q: During the consumption process, the salesperson carelessly deducted or deducted wrong payment. How to correct?
A: Immediately record the file and send it back to the system administrator. The administrator uses the software's transaction correction function to process it.
5. Q: After the employee swipes the card and enters the correct amount, the cardholder's balance does not decrease and the original amount is not reduced. At the same time, there are no abnormal reminders.
A: This failure is generally caused by the discount rate set to 0. The discount rate refers to the percentage of the “real deduction amount” divided by the “original price,” a discount rate of 1 means no discount, and 0 means a zero discount of 0.5. Fifty percent discount, reset the discount rate.
6. Q: Why does the employee's credit card display balance but cannot automatically deduct funds under the fixed consumption model?
A: In the case of the fixed consumption mode, the consumer terminal is in the standby inquiry state after successful startup. At this time, the display is “0 -”, and the current balance of the card can be queried by the credit card. You must press the key or the number key to enter the consumption status before you can swipe the card.
7. Question: After the consumer terminal queries the total amount of uncollected consumption, it immediately uses the consumption management software to collect new data. Then why is the amount of the query on the report different from the one on the machine?
A: The possible causes of this problem are: 1) the time of the consumer terminal is inconsistent with the computer time; 2) use the “Consumer Water Account Statement” to check the management software; 3) the consumption period is a cross-day, or the new record is Across the sky.
8. Q: When using the PC online consumption mode, what causes the “BUSY” to be displayed when the window machine is turned on?
A: Possible reasons: 1) If it is a new system, this is usually caused by the instability of the communication due to mismatch of the allocated 485 converter and the machine. You can try to replace other 485 converters. It is recommended to use the 485 converter or active 485 converter. 2) If the original system works normally, but after using it for a period of time, it may be caused by the abnormal communication of one device in the system and the instability of the entire system. You can try to disconnect all devices on the network and then connect them one by one to determine which device is abnormally communicating. If the system problem persists, try replacing the 485 converter.
9. Q: When using the PC online consumption mode, what are the reasons for the slower card response after the system is turned on for a period of time?
A: Probable causes: The PC online server program runs for a long time, and it occupies system resources gradually. As a result, the data request to the window machine becomes slower, so the response becomes slower. Processing method: 1) Set the device number of the window machine to be numbered starting from No. 1; and at the same time, the scan range in the PC Online Server program is changed to the range of 1 to the maximum device number to increase the response speed of the program; 2) The PC online server program may be closed after the end of a meal segment, and then the PC online server program may be started before the next meal segment starts operating.

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